Agronomy for Sustainable Development (2014) 34, 707-721

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Kristian Peters, Laura Breitsameter and Bärbel Gerowitt (2014)
Impact of climate change on weeds in agriculture: a review
Agronomy for Sustainable Development 34 (4), 707-721
Abstract: Over the past decades, climate change has induced transformations in the weed flora of arable ecosystems in Europe. For instance, thermophile weeds, late-emerging weeds, and some opportunistic weeds have become more abundant in some cropping systems. The composition of arable weed species is indeed ruled by environmental conditions such as temperature and precipitation. Climate change also influences weeds indirectly by enforcing adaptations of agronomic practice. We therefore need more accurate estimations of the damage potential of arable weeds to develop effective weed control strategies while maintaining crop yield. Here we review the mechanisms of responses of arable weeds to the direct and indirect effects of climate change. Climate change effects are categorized into three distinct types of shifts occurring at different scales: (1) range shifts at the landscape scale, (2) niche shifts at the community scale, and (3) trait shifts of individual species at the population scale. Our main conclusions are changes in the species composition and new species introductions are favored, which facilitate major ecological and agronomical implications. Current research mainly considers processes at the landscape scale. Processes at the population and community scales have prevalent importance to devise sustainable management strategies. Trait-climate and niche-climate relationships warrant closer consideration when modeling the possible future distribution and damage potential of weeds with climate change.
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