Agronomy Journal (2014) 106, 227-235

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Andrew Barkley, Jesse Tack, Lawton Lanier Nalley, Jason Bergtold, Robert Bowden and Allan Fritz (2014)
Weather, disease, and wheat breeding effects on Kansas wheat varietal yields, 1985 to 2011
Agronomy Journal 106 (1), 227-235
Abstract: Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) yields in Kansas have increased due to wheat breeding and improved agronomic practices, but are subject to climate and disease challenges. The objective of this research is to quantify the impact of weather, disease, and genetic improvement on wheat yields of varieties grown in 11 locations in Kansas from 1985 to 2011. Wheat variety yield data from Kansas performance tests were matched with comprehensive location-specific disease and weather data, including seasonal precipitation, monthly air temperature, air temperature and solar radiation around anthesis, and vapor pressure deficit (VPD). The results show that wheat breeding programs increased yield by 34 kg ha-1 yr-1. From 1985 through 2011, wheat breeding increased average wheat yields by 917 kg ha-1, or 27% of total yield. Weather was found to have a large impact on wheat yields. Simulations demonstrated that a 1°C increase in projected mean temperature was associated with a decrease in wheat yields of 715 kg ha-1, or 21%. Weather, diseases, and genetics all had significant impacts on wheat yields in 11 locations in Kansas during 1985 to 2011.
(The abstract is excluded from the Creative Commons licence and has been copied with permission by the publisher.)
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Diuraphis noxia Wheat (Triticum) U.S.A. (mid S)
Barley yellow dwarf viruses Wheat (Triticum) U.S.A. (mid S)
Blumeria graminis Wheat (Triticum) U.S.A. (mid S)
Puccinia striiformis Wheat (Triticum) U.S.A. (mid S)
Puccinia graminis Wheat (Triticum) U.S.A. (mid S)
Parastagonospora nodorum Wheat (Triticum) U.S.A. (mid S)
Mayetiola destructor Wheat (Triticum) U.S.A. (mid S)
Schizaphis graminum Wheat (Triticum) U.S.A. (mid S)
Pyrenophora tritici-repentis Wheat (Triticum) U.S.A. (mid S)
Wheat streak mosaic virus Wheat (Triticum) U.S.A. (mid S)
Wheat spindle streak mosaic virus Wheat (Triticum) U.S.A. (mid S)
Puccinia triticina Wheat (Triticum) U.S.A. (mid S)
Wheat soil-borne mosaic virus Wheat (Triticum) U.S.A. (mid S)