Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2020) 22, 20-29

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Kiran J. Horrocks, Darren Ward and David M. Suckling (2020)
Can natural enemies of current insect pests provide biotic resistance to future pests?
Agricultural and Forest Entomology 22 (1), 20-29
Abstract: - Economic pests jeopardize agricultural production worldwide. Classical biological control, comprising the import of exotic natural enemies to control target pest populations, has a successful history in many countries. However, little is known about how these natural enemies contribute to the suppression of pests that are yet to arrive. Biotic resistance theory, though, posits that communities resist species invasions as a result of natural enemies.
- We assessed the potential of the resident exotic parasitoid wasp fauna in New Zealand (intentionally-introduced biological control agents and unintentionally-introduced species) to provide biotic resistance against possible future pests. A dataset was generated containing resident exotic parasitoid species (Ichneumonoidea: Braconidae; Ichneumonidae) in New Zealand, as well as their known global host ranges and the pest status of host species, to infer the potential for biotic resistance.
- The known exotic ichneumonoid fauna in New Zealand comprises 65 species. These species associate with 107 host species in New Zealand, of which 54 species are pests. However, the current exotic species could potentially suppress 442 pest species not yet occurring in New Zealand.
- This approach could be used to inform pest management programmes worldwide. Future research should consider how biotic resistance from the established parasitoid fauna can be used to inform specific decisions with respect to classical biological control.
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