Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2015) 17, 173-180

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David C. Cook and Rob W. Fraser (2015)
Eradication versus control of Mediterranean fruit fly in Western Australia
Agricultural and Forest Entomology 17 (2), 173-180
Abstract: - The primary chemicals used by Western Australia's horticultural industries with respect to field control and post-harvest disinfestation procedures for the Mediterranean fruit fly are soon to be withdrawn from use because of public health concerns.
- When this occurs, the necessary switch to alternative control methods such as bait sprays and intensive fruit fly trapping will involve additional producer costs.
- The present study demonstrates that these costs are likely to exceed the costs of eradication using the sterile insect technique.
- Given this result, eradication cost sharing arrangements between government and industry are discussed that could produce mutual benefits in the long term.
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