Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2010) 12, 293-299

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Edward B. Mondor, Caroline S. Awmack and Richard L. Lindroth (2010)
Individual growth rates do not predict aphid population densities under altered atmospheric conditions
Agricultural and Forest Entomology 12 (3), 293-299
Abstract: 1 - Altered atmospheric composition, associated with climate change, can modify herbivore population dynamics through CO2 and/or O3-mediated changes in plant quality.
2 - Although pea aphid Acyrthosiphon pisum genotypes exhibit intraspecific variation in population growth in response to atmospheric composition, the proximate mechanisms underlying this variation are largely unknown.
3 - By rearing single (green, pink) and mixed (green + pink) pea aphid genotypes on red clover Trifolium pratense at the Aspen Free Air CO2 and O3 Enrichment (Aspen FACE) site, we assessed whether: (i) elevated CO2 and/or O3 concentrations alter aphid growth and development and (ii) individual aphid growth rates predict aphid population densities.
4 - We showed that growth and development of individual green and pink aphids were not influenced by CO2 and/or O3 concentrations when reared as individual or mixed genotypes. Individual growth rates, however, did not predict population densities.
5 - Reared as a single genotype, green pea aphid populations decreased in response to elevated CO2 concentrations, but not in response to elevated CO2 + O3 concentrations. Pink pea aphid populations reared as a single genotype were unaffected by augmented CO2 or O3. Populations of mixed genotypes, however, were reduced under elevated CO2 concentrations, irrespective of O3 concentrations.
6 - Herbivore population sizes may not readily be predicted from growth rates of individual organisms under atmospheric conditions associated with global climate change.
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