Acta Phytopathologica et Entomologica Hungarica (2006) 41, 261-273

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G. Kuroli and Zs. Lantos (2006)
Long-term study of alata aphid flight activity and abundance of potato colonizing aphid species
Acta Phytopathologica et Entomologica Hungarica 41 (3-4), 261-273
Abstract: Flight activity and species composition of alata aphids was monitored by yellow water pan traps for 20 years (1982-2001). Yellow pan traps were placed into potato fields, the species composition of potato colonizing aphids was also studied in Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungary. The results of the study are relevant to the region of Kisalföld. The dominance of the aphid species was the following: A. nasturtii 44%, M. euphorbiae 6%, M. fragariae 1% and M. persicae 49%. Based on our data M. persicae dominated among the species that damaged potatoes in the region of Kisalföld. Linear regression analyses revealed a significant relationship between the relative number of species caught and those living on the plants R2=0.7734 proving a reliable forecast. There was significant relationship between number of flying and potato colonizing aphids and the mild temperature values (R2=0.5224 and 0.4494), respectively. There was a strong relationship between the effective heat sum, calculated from the temperature data between 1st May and 31st August, and the number of aphids caught in traps and those of feeding on the plants R2=0.8755 and 0.9233, respectively.
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Myzus persicae Potato (Solanum tuberosum) Hungary
Macrosiphum euphorbiae Potato (Solanum tuberosum) Hungary
Aphis nasturtii Potato (Solanum tuberosum) Hungary
Sitobion fragariae Hungary