Acta Entomologica Sinica (2007) 50, 1087-1091

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Xu-Hong Cui, Ming Xie and Fang-Hao Wan (2007)
[Changes in expression level of heat shock protein 70 gene in Bemisia tabaci B-biotype (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) under high temperature stress]
Acta Entomologica Sinica 50 (11), 1087-1091
Abstract: The plasmid with hsp70 cDNA of Bemisia tabaci B-biotype was used as a template. Based on the GenBank sequence data, one TaqMan-MGB probe and the corresponding primers were designed to construct a standard for real-time fluorescence quantitative RT-PCR to detect the expression of hsp70 in B. tabaci B-biotype, with which the changes in expression level of hsp70 from adults of B. tabaci B-biotype under different high temperature stress from 37°C to 45°C were detected. The results showed that mild high temperature could induce hsp70 expression in B. tabaci B-biotype adults. Within the range of 37°C to 41°C, the hsp70 expression level of B. tabaci B-biotype adults increased from 8.78×105±6.41×104 copies to 1.99×107±1.45×105 copies; However, when the temperature increased to 43°C and 45°C, the hsp70 expression level decreased very quickly. The hsp70 expression level of B. tabaci B-biotype adults changed in response to the diurnal temperature change. When air temperature increased from 34°C to 41°C in the morning, the hsp70 expression level increased dramatically from 1.16×105±1.48×104 copies to 6.29×106±1.80×105 copies; however, the hsp70 expression level decreased to 2.32×105±7.69×103 copies when air temperature decreased to 33°C at nightfall. It was so inferred that hsp70 in B. tabaci B-biotype may play an important role in high temperature tolerance.
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(original language: Chinese)
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