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Plant pathology
PivotIrrigationOnCotton.jpgEuropean Journal of Plant Pathology (2019) 153, 907-914
Bassam A. Younis, Laura Mahoney, Wolfgang Schweigkofler and Karen Suslow (2019)
Inactivation of plant pathogens in irrigation water runoff using a novel UV disinfection system
Tanacetum cinerariifolium - Köhler–s Medizinal-Pflanzen-269.jpgPlant Pathology (2019) 68, 620-627
M.A.H.B. Bhuiyan, N. Vaghefi and P.W.J. Taylor (2019)
Ray blight of pyrethrum in Australia: a review of the current status and future opportunities
IPMimage5360379.jpgJournal of General Virology (2019) 100, 533-542
Amanda Baizan-Edge, Peter Cock, Stuart MacFarlane, Wendy McGavin, Lesley Torrance and Susan Jones (2019)
Kodoja: A workflow for virus detection in plants using k-mer analysis of RNA-sequencing data
Invasive species
Agrilus planipennis IPM1439009.jpgJournal of Pest Science (2019) 92, 29-36
R. Eschen, R. O'Hanlon, A. Santini, A. Vannini, A. Roques, N. Kirichenko and M. Kenis (2019)
Safeguarding global plant health: the rise of sentinels
Cambados, palmera 16-17a, praza do Concello.jpgJournal of Pest Science (2019) 92, 143-156
Ivan Milosavljevic, Hamadttu A.F. El-Shafie, Jose Romeno Faleiro, Christina D. Hoddle, Michael Lewis and Mark S. Hoddle (2019)
Palmageddon: the wasting of ornamental palms by invasive palm weevils, Rhynchophorus spp.
Lygus lineolaris IPM5367987.jpgJournal of Economic Entomology (2019) 112, 341-348
John H. North, Jeffrey Gore, Angus L. Catchot, Donald R. Cook, Darrin M. Dodds and Fred R. Musser (2019)
Quantifying the impact of excluding insecticide classes from cotton integrated pest management programs in the U.S. Mid-South
Pseudoplusia includens larva.jpgJournal of Insect Science (2019) 19 (2 - 5)
José Roberto Postali Parra and Aloisio Coelho (2019)
Applied biological control in Brazil: From laboratory assays to field application
Bactrocera dorsalis.jpgJournal of Applied Entomology (2019) 143, 165-176
Yiying Zeng, Gadi V.P. Reddy, Zhihong Li, Yujia Qin, Yannan Wang, Xubin Pan, Fan Jiang, Feng Gao and Zi-Hua Zhao (2019)
Global distribution and invasion pattern of oriental fruit fly, Bactrocera dorsalis (Diptera: Tephritidae)
IPMimage1472066.jpgAnnual Review of Entomology (2019) 64, 277-295
Christopher M. Jones, Hazel Parry, Wee Tek Tay, Don R. Reynolds and Jason W. Chapman (2019)
Movement ecology of pest Helicoverpa: Implications for ongoing spread
Weed science
A woman weeding in her farm.jpgJournal of Integrated Pest Management (2019) 10 (1 - 6)
Raymond A. Jussaume, Katherine Dentzman and Micheal D.K. Owen (2019)
Producers, weeds, and society


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