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  Pests, diseases, weeds  
Plant pathogens
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Insect plant pests
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Hemiptera (653 species)
Lepidoptera (467 species)
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Other insect plant pests (401 species)
Other pest groups - weeds
Plant parasitic nematodes (155 species)
Veterinary/medical pests (809 species)
Weeds, parasitic plants (950 species)
Various other groups (230 species)

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Selected publications of the week
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Disease transmission
Aedes albopictus on human skin.jpgPLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases (2020) 14 (8 - e0008428)
Shuzhen Sim, Lee Ching Ng, Steve W. Lindsay and Anne L. Wilson (2020)
A greener vision for vector control: The example of the Singapore dengue control programme
Aedes aegypti CDC-Gathany.jpgProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2020) 117, 17702-17709
Azadeh Aryan, Michelle A.E. Anderson, James K. Biedler, Yumin Qi, Justin M. Overcash, Anastasia N. Naumenko, Maria V. Sharakhova, Chunhong Mao, Zach N. Adelman and Zhijian Tu (2020)
Nix alone is sufficient to convert female Aedes aegypti into fertile males and myo-sex is needed for male flight
Anopheles coluzzii VectorBase.jpgParasites and Vectors (2020) 13 (412) - Induction of long-lived
Benjamin J. Krajacich, Margery Sullivan, Roy Faiman, Laura Veru, Leland Graber and Tovi Lehmann (2020)
Induction of long-lived potential aestivation states in laboratory An. gambiae mosquitoes
Cereal Aphids (15876816040).jpgInsects (2020) 11 (7 - 435)
Junior Corneille Fingu-Mabola, Clément Martin, Thomas Bawin, François Jean Verheggen and Frédéric Francis (2020)
Does the infectious status of aphids influence their preference towards healthy, virus-infected and endophytically colonized plants?
Plant pathology
GLRaV3 Front Microbiol 4 82b.jpgAnnual Review of Phytopathology (2020) 58, 23-53
Valerian V. Dolja, Mart Krupovic and Eugene V. Koonin (2020)
Deep roots and splendid boughs of the global plant virome
IPMimage0656087.jpgMolecular Plant Pathology (2020) 21, 1377-1388
David Landry, Manuel González-Fuente, Laurent Deslandes and Nemo Peeters (2020)
The large, diverse, and robust arsenal of Ralstonia solanacearum type III effectors and their in planta functions
Venturia inaequalis Wikimedia.jpgPlant Disease (2020) 104, 2074-2081
Andrea Patocchi, Andreas Wehrli, Pierre-Henri Dubuis, Annemarie Auwerkerken, Carmen Leida, Guido Cipriani, Tom Passey, Martina Staples, Frédérique Didelot, Vincent Philion, Andreas Peil, Hannes Laszakovits, Thomas Rühmer, Klemens Boeck, Danas Baniulis, Klaus Strasser, Radek Vávra, Walter Guerra, Sylwester Masny, Franz Ruess, Fanny Le Berre, Hilde Nybom, Stefano Tartarini, Andreas Spornberger, Anna Pikunova and Vincent G.M. Bus (2020)
Ten years of VINQUEST: First insight for breeding new apple cultivars with durable apple scab resistance
Phytophthora infestans on potato 2.jpgPest Management Science (2020) 76, 2787-2798
Niklas Möhring, David Wuepper, Tomke Musa and Robert Finger (2020)
Why farmers deviate from recommended pesticide timing: the role of uncertainty and information
Weed science
Conyza canadensis 8 Blätter oben IMG 9459 Wohlers.jpgWeed Science (2020) 68, 534-544
Jess M. Bunchek, John M. Wallace, William S. Curran, David A. Mortensen, Mark J. VanGessel and Barbara A. Scott (2020)
Alternative performance targets for integrating cover crops as a proactive herbicide-resistance management tool
Amaranthus tuberculatus IPM5436923.jpgPLoS ONE (2020) 15 (9 - e0238861)
Katherine E. Waselkov, Nathaniel D. Regenold, Romy C. Lum and Kenneth M. Olsen (2020)
Agricultural adaptation in the native North American weed waterhemp, Amaranthus tuberculatus (Amaranthaceae)

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