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Plant pathogens
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Weeds, parasitic plants (940 species)
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Selected publications of the week
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Plant pathology
IPMimage5428815.jpgMolecular Plant Pathology (2018) 19, 2575-2589
Elsa Rousseau, Lucie Tamisier, Frederic Fabre, Vincent Simon, Marion Szadkowski, Olivier Bouchez, Catherine Zanchetta, Gregory Girardot, Ludovic Mailleret, Frederic Grognard, Alain Palloix and Benoit Moury (2018)
Impact of genetic drift, selection and accumulation level on virus adaptation to its host plants
IPMimage1234206.jpgMolecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2018) 31, 889-898
Amjad M. Husaini, Aafreen Sakina and Souliha R. Cambay (2018)
Host–pathogen interaction in Fusarium oxysporum infections: where do we stand?
IPMimage1235209.jpgPlant Disease (2018) 102, 2061-2073
Chao Xia, Nana Li, Yawen Zhang, Chunjie Li, Xingxu Zhang and Zhibiao Nan (2018)
Role of Epichloë endophytes in defense responses of cool-season grasses to pathogens: A review
Erysiphe pisi IPM1573177.jpgMycology (2018) 9, 223-232
Yuanzheng Liu, Xi Feng, Ping Gao, Yanzhong Li, Michael J. Christensen and Tingyu Duan (2018)
Arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi increased the susceptibility of Astragalus adsurgens to powdery mildew caused by Erysiphe pisi
Ecological interactions
Populus, Melampsora larici-populina uredosori (1).jpgNew Phytologist (2018) 220, 760-772
Franziska Eberl, Almuth Hammerbacher, Jonathan Gershenzon and Sybille B. Unsicker (2018)
Leaf rust infection reduces herbivore-induced volatile emission in black poplar and attracts a generalist herbivore
Integrated pest management
Bieszczady Flora.jpgAnnual Review of Entomology (2019) 64 (Rodriguez-Saona et al.)
Cesar Rodriguez-Saona, Charles Vincent and Rufus Isaacs (2019-01-10)
Blueberry IPM: Successes and Challenges
Halyomorpha halys IPM5203054.jpgJournal of Integrated Pest Management (2018) 9 (1 - 24)
Jaime C. Piñero, Kamalendu Paul, Patrick Byers, Jennifer Schutter, Anastasia Becker, Debi Kelly and Daniel Downing (2018)
Building IPM capacity in Missouri through train-the-trainer workshops and effective partnerships
Medical entomology
Culex pipiens IPM5490287.jpgParasites and Vectors (2018) 11 (553) - Identification of mosquitoes ...
Frédéric Jourdain, Marie Picard, Tatiana Sulesco, Nabil Haddad, Zoubir Harrat, Samer Saleh Sawalha, Filiz Günay, Khalil Kanani, Taher Shaibi, Denys Akhramenko, M'hammed Sarih, Enkelejda Velo, Lusine Paronyan, Igor Pajovic, Chafika Faraj, Irakli Sikharulidze, David Putkaradze, Jelena Maric, Golubinka Bosevska, Elizabeta Janceska, Ali Bouattour, Afrim Hamidi, Kurtesh Sherifi, Bülent Alten, Dusan Petric and Vincent Robert (2018)
Identification of mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae): an external quality assessment of medical entomology laboratories in the MediLabSecure Network
Aedes aegypti CDC-Gathany.jpgJournal of Medical Entomology (2018) 55, 1354-1356
Andrea Gloria-Soria, Tommaso G. Chiodo and Jeffrey R. Powell (2018)
Lack of evidence for natural Wolbachia infections in Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae)
Weed science
Glyphosatresistenz beim Ackerfuchsschwanz.jpgPest Management Science (2018) 74, 2260-2264
Darci A. Giacomini, Todd Gaines, Roland Beffa and Patrick J. Tranel (2018)
Optimizing RNA-seq studies to investigate herbicide resistance


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