Toshiyuki Imaizumi

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Publications of Toshiyuki Imaizumi (6 listed):

Weed Biology and Management (2018) 18, 99-102
Toshiyuki Imaizumi (2018)
Weedy rice represents an emerging threat to transplanted rice production systems in Japan

Weed Research (2013) 53, 290-298
T. Imaizumi, Y. Kataoka, S. Ogata and A. Uchino (2013)
Genetic diversity within and between sulfonylurea-resistant and susceptible populations of Schoenoplectus juncoides in Japan

Weed Research (2008) 48, 448-454
T. Imaizumi, G.X. Wang and T. Tominaga (2008)
Inheritance of sulfonylurea resistance in Monochoria vaginalis

Weed Biology and Management (2008) 8, 260-266
Toshiyuki Imaizumi, Guang-Xi Wang and Tohru Tominaga (2008)
Pollination of chasmogamous flowers and the effects of light and emergence time on chasmogamy and cleistogamy in Monochoria vaginalis

Weed Research (2008) 48, 187-196
T. Imaizumi, G.X. Wang, T. Ohsako and T. Tominaga (2008)
Genetic diversity of sulfonylurea-resistant and -susceptible Monochoria vaginalis populations in Japan

Weed Research (2006) 46, 219-225
T. Imaizumi, S. Kurokawa, M. Ito, B. Auld and G.X. Wang (2006)
Population structure of Solanum carolinense along the Takano River in Kyoto, Japan as determined by amplified fragment length polymorphism analysis