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Literature list (sorted descending by year) for:
pest-disease-weed = Sclerotinia minor
and the publication year(s):
year 1 = 2020
qualifier = "after (Year 1)"

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PhytoFrontiers (2021) 1, 182-204
Bullo Erena Mamo, Renée L. Eriksen, Neil D. Adhikari, Ryan J. Hayes, Beiquan Mou and Ivan Simko (2021)
Epidemiological characterization of lettuce drop (Sclerotinia spp.) and biophysical features of the host identify soft stem as a susceptibility factor

Archives of Virology (2020) 165, 785-788
Na Liang, Dan Yang, Mingde Wu, Jing Zhang, Guoqing Li and Long Yang (2020)
Molecular characterization of a novel botoulivirus from the phytopathogenic fungus Sclerotinia minor

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