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Parasites and Vectors (2022) 15 (24) - First report of the zoonotic
Andrea Lombardo, Giuseppina Brocherel, Carla Donnini, Gianluca Fichi, Alessia Mariacher, Elena Lavinia Diaconu, Virginia Carfora, Antonio Battisti, Nadia Cappai, Luca Mattioli and Claudio De Liberato (2022)
First report of the zoonotic nematode Baylisascaris procyonis in non-native raccoons (Procyon lotor) from Italy

Insects (2021) 12 (12 - 1095)
Kandai Doi, Takuya Kato, Iori Tabata and Shin-ichi Hayama (2021)
Mapping the potential distribution of ticks in the western Kanto Region, Japan: Predictions based on land-use, climate, and wildlife

European Journal of Wildlife Research (2020) 66 (6 -100)
Sam Khosravifard, Andrew K. Skidmore, Albertus G. Toxopeus and Aidin Niamir (2020)
Potential invasion range of raccoon in Iran under climate change

Ecotoxicology (2020) 29, 1-12
Danuta Kosik-Bogacka, Natalia Osten-Sacken, Natalia Lanocha-Arendarczyk, Karolina Kot, Bogumila Pilarczyk, Agnieszka Tomza-Marciniak, Joanna Podlasinska, Mateusz Chmielarz, Mike Heddergott, Alain C. Frantz and Peter Steinbach (2020)
Selenium and mercury in the hair of raccoons (Procyon lotor) and European wildcats (Felis s. silvestris) from Germany and Luxembourg

Biological Invasions (2020) 22, 2251-2266
Jamie M. Kass, Morgan W. Tingley, Tatsuyuki Tetsuya and Fumito Koike (2020)
Co-occurrence of invasive and native carnivorans affects occupancy patterns across environmental gradients

Biological Invasions (2020) 22, 3119-3130
Maria Vittoria Mazzamuto, M. Panzeri, F. Bisi, L.A. Wauters, D. Preatoni and A. Martinoli (2020)
When management meets science: adaptive analysis for the optimization of the eradication of the Northern raccoon (Procyon lotor)

Wildlife Research (2019) 46, 476-483
Takaaki Suzuki and Tohru Ikeda (2019)
Challenges in managing invasive raccoons in Japan

Biological Invasions (2019) 21, 2107-2125
Jodey Peyton, Angeliki F. Martinou, Oliver L. Pescott, Monica Demetriou, Tim Adriaens, Margarita Arianoutsou, Ioannis Bazos, Colin W. Bean, Olaf Booy, Marc Botham, J. Robert Britton, Javier Lobon Cervia, Pantelis Charilaou, Niki Chartosia, Hannah J. Dean, Pinelopi Delipetrou, Andreas C. Dimitriou, Gerald Dörflinger, Jim Fawcett, Georgios Fyttis, Alexandros Galanidis, Bella Galil, Thomas Hadjikyriakou, Margarita Hadjistylli, Christina Ieronymidou, Carlos Jimenez, Paraskevi Karachle, Nikos Kassinis, George Kerametsidis, Alexander N.G. Kirschel, Periklis Kleitou, Demetris Kleitou, Paraskevi Manolaki, Nikolas Michailidis, J. Owen Mountford, Charis Nikolaou, Athina Papatheodoulou, Giorgios Payiatas, Filipe Ribeiro, Stephanie L. Rorke, Yianna Samuel, Pantelis Savvides, Stefanie M. Schafer, Ali Serhan Tarkan, Iolanda Silva-Rocha, Nildeniz Top, Elena Tricarico, Katherine Turvey, Iakovos Tziortzis, Elli Tzirkalli, Hugo Verreycken, Ian J. Winfield, Argyro Zenetos and Helen E. Roy (2019)
Horizon scanning for invasive alien species with the potential to threaten biodiversity and human health on a Mediterranean island

Canadian Journal of Zoology (2019) 97, 654-657
Kelsey Demeny, Meredith McLoon, Benjamin Winesett, Jenna Fastner, Eric Hammerer and Jonathan N. Pauli (2019)
Food subsidies of raccoons (Procyon lotor) in anthropogenic landscapes

European Journal of Wildlife Research (2019) 65 (6 - 94)
Matthias Stope (2019)
Wild raccoons in Germany as a reservoir for zoonotic agents

Biological Invasions (2016) 18, 57-71
Marietta L. Fischer, Martin J.P. Sullivan, Grit Greiser, José Guerrero-Casado, Mike Heddergott, Ulf Hohmann, Oliver Keuling, Johannes Lang, Ina Martin, Frank-Uwe Michler, Armin Winter and Roland Klein (2016)
Assessing and predicting the spread of non-native raccoons in Germany using hunting bag data and dispersal weighted models

Biological Invasions (2014) 16, 1611-1625
Aleksandra Biedrzycka, Andrzej Zalewski, Magdalena Bartoszewicz, Henryk Okarma and Ewa Jedrzejewska (2014)
The genetic structure of raccoon introduced in Central Europe reflects multiple invasion pathways

Biological Invasions (2014) 16, 1453-1464
Fumiya Kobayashi, Masahiro Toyama and Itsuro Koizumi (2014)
Potential resource competition between an invasive mammal and native birds: overlap in tree cavity preferences of feral raccoons and Ural owls

Biological Invasions (2013) 15, 687-698
Fernando Alda, María José Ruiz-López, Francisco José García, Matthew E. Gompper, Lori S. Eggert and Jesús T. García (2013)
Genetic evidence for multiple introduction events of raccoons (Procyon lotor) in Spain

European Journal of Wildlife Research (2013) 59, 637-643
Ad Vos, Tobias Nolden, Christiane Habla, Stefan Finke, Conrad M. Freuling, Jens Teifke and Thomas Müller (2013)
Raccoons (Procyon lotor) in Germany as potential reservoir species for Lyssaviruses

European Journal of Wildlife Research (2013) 59, 665-674
A.C. Frantz, M. Heddergott, J. Lang, C. Schulze, H. Ansorge, M. Runge, S. Braune, F.-U. Michler, U. Wittstatt, L. Hoffmann, U. Hohmann, B.A. Michler, K. Van Den Berge and G.J. Horsburgh (2013)
Limited mitochondrial DNA diversity is indicative of a small number of founders of the German raccoon (Procyon lotor) population

European Journal of Wildlife Research (2012) 58, 5-15
Beatriz Beltrán-Beck, Francisco José García and Christian Gortázar (2012)
Raccoons in Europe: disease hazards due to the establishment of an invasive species

Biological Invasions (2012) 14, 1305-1310
Jesús T. García, Francisco José García, Fernando Alda, José Luis González, María José Aramburu, Yolanda Cortés, Beatriz Prieto, Belén Pliego, María Pérez, Javier Herrera and Loreto Garciá-Román (2012)
Recent invasion and status of the raccoon (Procyon lotor) in Spain

Canadian Journal of Zoology (2010) 88, 161-169
J.C. Beasley and O.E. Rhodes (2010)
Influence of patch- and landscape-level attributes on the movement behavior of raccoons in agriculturally fragmented landscapes

Population Ecology (2009) 51, 493-504
Koji Kotani, Hiromasa Ishii, Hiroyuki Matsuda and Tohru Ikeda (2009)
Invasive species management in two-patch environments: agricultural damage control in the raccoon (Procyon lotor) problem, Hokkaido, Japan

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