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Australasian Plant Disease Notes (2021) 16 (4) - Association of Cotton leaf
Kaveh Bananej, Muhammad Shafiq and Muhammad Shafiq Shahid (2021)
Association of Cotton leaf curl Gezira virus with tomato leaf curl betasatellite infecting Carica papaya in Iran

Archives of Virology (2021) 166, 2033-2036
Nida' M. Salem, Muhammad Shafiq Shahid, Ali Idris, Dina Hattab and Amany Abdeen (2021)
Complete nucleotide sequence of a begomovirus associated with an alphasatellite and a betasatellite naturally infecting okra in Jordan

Plant Disease (2021) 105 (9 - 1420)
Beatrice Mwaipopo, Minna-Liisa Rajamäki, Neema Ngowi, Susan Nchimbi-Msolla, Paul J.R. Njau, Jari P.T. Valkonen and Deusdedith R. Mbanzibwa (2021)
Next-generation sequencing-based detection of common bean viruses in wild plants from Tanzania and their mechanical transmission to common bean plants

Australasian Plant Disease Notes (2020) 15 (3) - New host records for Cotton
C. Gambley, J. Cremer, P. Campbell, R. Roach and A.M. Abdel-Salam (2020)
New host records for Cotton leaf curl Gezira virus: capsicum and melon in Egypt

Plant Pathology (2020) 69, 379-392
A. Ouattara, F. Tiendrébéogo, P. Lefeuvre, M. Hoareau, S. Claverie, A. Allibert, F. Chiroleu, E.V. Traoré, N. Barro, O. Traoré and J.-M. Lett (2020)
Diversity, distribution and prevalence of vegetable-infecting geminiviruses in Burkina Faso

Plant Disease (2019) 103, p. 3291 (Villegas et al.)
Cecilia Villegas, Roberto Ramos-Sobrinho, John L. Jifon, Cory Keith, Maher Al Rwahnih, Mamoudou Sétamou, Judith K. Brown and Olufemi J. Alabi (2019)
First report of Cotton leaf curl Gezira virus and its associated alphasatellite and betasatellite from disease affected okra plants in the United States

Journal of Phytopathology (2018) 166, 199-205
Adel A. Al Shihi, Abdullah M. Al Sadi, Mike Deadman, Rob W. Briddon and Muhammad S. Shahid (2018)
Identification of a distinct strain of Cotton leaf curl Gezira virus infecting tomato in Oman

Viruses (2014) 6, 1219-1236
Ali Idris, Mohammed Al-Saleh, Marek J. Piatek, Ibrahim Al-Shahwan, Shahjahan Ali and Judith K. Brown (2014)
Viral metagenomics: Analysis of begomoviruses by illumina high-throughput sequencing

Plant Disease (2014) 98, p. 1593 (Idris et al.)
A. Idris, M. Al-Saleh, M. Amer, O. Abdalla and J. Brown (2014)
Introduction of Cotton leaf curl Gezira virus into the United Arab Emirates

Journal of General Virology (2013) 94, 695-710
M. Naeem Sattar, Anders Kvarnheden, Muhammad Saeed and Rob W. Briddon (2013)
Cotton leaf curl disease - an emerging threat to cotton production worldwide

Plant Disease (2012) 96, p. 1704 (Khan et al.)
A.J. Khan, S. Akhtar, A.A. Al-Shihi, F.M. Al-Hinai and R.W. Briddon (2012)
Identification of Cotton leaf curl Gezira virus in papaya in Oman

Virology Journal (2010) 7 (48) - Molecular diversity of Cotton ...
Fidèle Tiendrébéogo, Pierre Lefeuvre, Murielle Hoareau, Julie Villemot, Gnissa Konaté, Alfred S. Traoré, Nicolas Barro, Valentin S. Traoré, Bernard Reynaud, Oumar Traoré and Jean-Michel Lett (2010)
Molecular diversity of Cotton leaf curl Gezira virus isolates and their satellite DNAs associated with okra leaf curl disease in Burkina Faso

Journal of General Virology (2009) 90, 1001-1013
Tatsuya Kon, Maria R. Rojas, Issoufou K. Abdourhamane and Robert L. Gilbertson (2009)
Roles and interactions of begomoviruses and satellite DNAs associated with okra leaf curl disease in Mali, West Africa

Archives of Virology (2009) 154, 369-372
S.L. Shih, S. Kumar, W.S. Tsai, L.M. Lee and S.K. Green (2009)
Complete nucleotide sequences of okra isolates of Cotton leaf curl Gezira virus and their associated DNA-ß from Niger

Journal of General Virology (2007) 88, 3458-3468
P. Lefeuvre, D.P. Martin, M. Hoareau, F. Naze, H. Delatte, M. Thierry, A. Varsani, N. Becker, B. Reynaud and J.-M. Lett (2007)
Begomovirus 'melting pot' in the south-west Indian Ocean islands: molecular diversity and evolution through recombination

Annals of the Entomological Society of America (2005) 98, 827-837
J.K. Brown and A.M. Idris (2005)
Genetic differentiation of whitefly Bemisia tabaci mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase I, and phylogeographic concordance with the coat protein of the plant virus genus Begomovirus

Virus Genes (2002) 24, 249-256
Ali M. Idris and Judith K. Brown (2002)
Molecular analysis of Cotton leaf curl virus-Sudan reveals an evolutionary history of recombination

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 809 (Idris et al.)
A.M. Idris and J.K. Brown (2000)
Identification of a new, monopartite begomovirus associated with leaf curl disease of cotton in Gezira, Sudan

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