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Literature list (sorted descending by year) for:
pest-disease-weed = Anopheles multicolor
and the publication year(s):
year 1 = 1700
qualifier = "after (Year 1)"

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Journal of Entomological Science (2020) 55, 25-37
Ahmed Tabbabi, Abdelghafar A. Alkishe, Abdallah M. Samy, Adel Rhim and A. Townsend Peterson (2020)
Malaria in North Africa: A review of the status of vectors and parasites

Parasites and Vectors (2020) 13 (522) - First report of Anopheles
Mohamed Aly Ould Lemrabott, Gilbert Le Goff, Pierre Kengne, Ousmane Ndiaye, Carlo Costantini, Khadijetou Mint Lekweiry, Mohamed Salem Ould Ahmedou Salem, Vincent Robert, Leonardo Basco, Frédéric Simard and Ali Ould Mohamed Salem Boukhary (2020)
First report of Anopheles (Cellia) multicolor during a study of tolerance to salinity of Anopheles arabiensis larvae in Nouakchott, Mauritania

Journal of Vector Ecology (2017) 42, 94-104
Bouchra Trari, Mohamed Dakki and Ralph E. Harbach (2017)
An updated checklist of the Culicidae (Diptera) of Morocco, with notes on species of historical and current medical importance

Tropical Biomedicine (2013) 30, 409-427
E.I. Khater, M.M. Sowilem, M.F. Sallam and A.M. Alahmed (2013)
Ecology and habitat characterization of mosquitoes in Saudi Arabia

Journal of Biopesticides (2011) 4, 61-64
Yahia Youssef Ismail Mosleh and Adel A. Abou El-Ela (2011)
Assessment of two natural toxin microcystin and nodularin for the control of Anopheles multicolor (Diptera: Anophelidae)

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