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pest-disease-weed = Alternaria alternata
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year 1 = 2020
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Breeding Science (2021) 71, 240-252
Shingo Terakami, Yoshihiko Adachi, Yukie Takeuchi, Norio Takada, Sogo Nishio, Toshihiro Saito and Toshiya Yamamoto (2021)
Development of an SSR marker set for efficient selection for resistance to black spot disease in pear breeding

Plant Disease (2021) 105 (9 - 2145)
Fei Wang, Seiya Saito, Themis J. Michailides and Chang-Lin Xiao (2021)
Phylogenetic, morphological, and pathogenic characterization of Alternaria species associated with fruit rot of mandarin in California

Plant Disease (2021) 105, 149-155
Shunping Ding, Kiana Meinholz and Amanda J. Gevens (2021)
Spatiotemporal distribution of potato-associated Alternaria species in Wisconsin

Pest Management Science (2021) 77, 3871-3880
Keiji Jindo, Albartus Evenhuis, Corné Kempenaar, Cláudia Pombo Sudré, Xiaoxiu Zhan, Misghina Goitom Teklu and Geert Kessel (2021)
Review: Holistic pest management against early blight disease towards sustainable agriculture

Plant Disease (2021) 105, 684-687
Mingshuang Wang, Xin Hou and Huizhong Wang (2021)
Genomic sequence resource of Alternaria alternata strain B3 causing leaf blight on Ophiopogon japonicus

Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology (2021) 43, 537-550
Jie Gao, Ming J. Yang, Zhao Xie, Bao H. Lu, Tom Hsiang and Li P. Liu (2021)
Morphological and molecular identification and pathogenicity of Alternaria spp. associated with ginseng in Jilin province, China

Australasian Plant Pathology (2021) 50, 349-352
B.A.A. Al-Rahbi, A.M. Al-Sadi, I.H. Al-Mahmooli, S.S. Al-Maawali, N.M.T. Al-Mahruqi and R. Velazhahan (2021)
Meyerozyma guilliermondii SQUCC-33Y suppresses postharvest fruit rot of strawberry caused by Alternaria alternata

The Plant Pathology Journal (2021) 37, 329-338
Oh-Kyu Kwon, A-Ram Jeong, Yong-Jik Jeong, Young-Ah Kim, Jaekyung Shim, Yoon Jeong Jang, Gung Pyo Lee and Chang-Jin Park (2021)
Incidence of Alternaria species associated with watermelon leaf blight in Korea

Journal of Plant Pathology (2021) 103, 283-293
Xiaojing Shi, Kexin Zeng, Xiangyu Wang, Zhihong Liang and Xuehong Wu (2021)
Characterization of Alternaria species causing leaf spot on Chinese cabbage in Shanxi province of China

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2021) 160, 541-556
Nashwa M.A. Sallam, Heba-Alla S. AbdElfatah, Mona F.A. Dawood, Elhagag Ahmed Hassan, Mohamed S. Mohamed and Hadeel M.M. Khalil Bagy (2021)
Physiological and histopathological assessments of the susceptibility of different tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) cultivars to early blight disease

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2021) 34, 726-732
Yunpeng Gai, Haijie Ma, Yanan Chen, Lei Li, Yingzi Cao, Mingshuang Wang, Xuepeng Sun, Chen Jiao, Brendan K. Riely and Hongye Li (2021)
Chromosome-scale genome sequence of Alternaria alternata causing Alternaria brown spot of citrus

Plant Disease (2021) 105, 60-70
Guoping Ma, Shuwen Bao, Juan Zhao, Yuan Sui and Xuehong Wu (2021)
Morphological and molecular characterization of Alternaria species causing leaf blight on watermelon in China

Phytoparasitica (2020) 48, 335-356
M. Santha Lakshmi Prasad, N. Naresh, K. Sujatha, D. Usha, M. Sujatha, C. Sarada, S. Chander Rao and P. Chowdappa (2020)
Population structure of Alternaria species causing leaf blight of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) in India

Plant Pathology (2020) 69, 506-517
Hebba F.D. Al-lami, Ming P. You, Akeel E. Mohammed and Martin J. Barbetti (2020)
Virulence variability across the Alternaria spp. population determines incidence and severity of alternaria leaf spot on rapeseed

Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology (2020) 42, 235-242
Yu Fu, Xiaofang Zhang, Shijiahui Liu, Kelin Hu and Xuehong Wu (2020)
Characterization of Alternaria species associated with black spot of strawberry in Beijing municipality of China

Phytopathology (2020) 110, 1449-1464
Tika B. Adhikari, Thomas Ingram, Dennis Halterman and Frank J. Louws (2020)
Gene genealogies reveal high nucleotide diversity and admixture haplotypes within three Alternaria species associated with tomato and potato

Journal of Forestry Research (2020) 31, 1035-1043
Ruiting Guo, Zhiying Wang, Chang Zhou, Ying Huang, Haijuan Fan, Yucheng Wang and Zhihua Liu (2020)
Biocontrol potential of Trichoderma asperellum mutants T39 and T45 and their growth promotion of poplar seedlings

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2020) 157, 783-798
Louis K. Prom, Hugo E. Cuevas, Ezekiel Ahn, Thomas Isakeit, William L. Rooney and Clint Magill (2020)
Genome-wide association study of grain mold resistance in sorghum association panel as affected by inoculation with Alternaria alternata alone and Alternaria alternata, Fusarium thapsinum, and Curvularia lunata combined

Plant Disease (2020) 104, 3131-3134
Qiaoyun Li, Mengyu Li, Yumei Jiang, Siyu Wang, Kaige Xu, Xiaolong Liang, Jishan Niu and Chenyang Wang (2020)
Assessing genetic resistance in wheat to black point caused by six fungal species in the Yellow and Huai wheat area of China

Phytopathologia Mediterranea (2020) 59, 131-145
Dalia Aiello, Vladimiro Guarnaccia, Antonino Azzaro and Giancarlo Polizzi (2020)
Alternaria brown spot on new clones of sweet orange and lemon in Italy

Plant Pathology (2020) 69, 883-900
Jovana D. Blagojevic, Jelena B. Vukojevic and Zarko S. Ivanovic (2020)
Occurrence and characterization of Alternaria species associated with leaf spot disease in rapeseed in Serbia

Plant Disease (2020) 104, 1335-1350
Marwa Moumni, Mohamed Bechir Allagui, Valeria Mancini, Sergio Murolo, Neji Tarchoun and Gianfranco Romanazzi (2020)
Morphological and molecular identification of seedborne fungi in squash (Cucurbita maxima, Cucurbita moschata)

Molecular Plant Pathology (2020) 21, 1337-1352
Huilan Fu, Kuang-Ren Chung, Yunpeng Gai, Lijuan Mao and Hongye Li (2020)
The basal transcription factor II H subunit Tfb5 is required for stress response and pathogenicity in the tangerine pathotype of Alternaria alternata

Plant Disease (2020) 104, 1378-1389
Jovana Blagojevic, Jelena Vukojevic, Borko Ivanovic and Zarko Ivanovic (2020)
Characterization of Alternaria species associated with leaf spot disease of Armoracia rusticana in Serbia

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