Sclerotium (anamorphic genus)

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reddish-brown sclerotia of Sclerotium delphinii at base of infected Hosta plant (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Mark L. Gleason
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Sclerotium Tode 1790

This genus contains around 20 plant pathogenic fungi which infect a variety of crops. The species do not form asexual fruiting bodies with spores, instead they form sclerotia, called sclerotial bodies. A number of species also do not form sexual (teleomorph) forms.

The taxonomy of this genus needs revision. The type species is Sclerotium complanatum for which no sexual stage is known. It is classified under the Agaricales by some authors who believe it may have a Typhula form as teleomorph. The genus Typhula has been proposed for protection over the genus Sclerotium (Stalpers et al., 2021).

Currently, the following species and groups have been entered into the system: