Pest Management Science (2021) 77, 2785-2794

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Gaëtan Seimandi-Corda, Todd Jenkins and Samantha M. Cook (2021)
Sampling pollen beetle (Brassicogethes aeneus) pressure in oilseed rape: which method is best?
Pest Management Science 77 (6), 2785-2794
The pollen beetle (Brassicogethes aeneus) is the most abundant pest of oilseed rape in spring and is potentially one of the most damaging. Adults feed on the pollen within closed flower buds and the damage leads to bud abscission, resulting in podless stalks and yield reduction. Several methods are currently used to monitor the pressure of this insect, such as counting the numbers of adults on the plants, quantifying the number of buds damaged by the insect before flowering or counting the number of podless stalks before harvest. We conducted experiments to evaluate the robustness of these sampling methods and compared their results. We also describe how pollen beetles damage the plants to understand the limitations of methods based on damage estimation.
Methods based on adult abundance lack robustness. We observed that most of the damage to buds is caused by pollen beetles feeding on small buds (< 3 mm), and that this damage can be quantified later in the season, indicating that methods based on the count of podless stalks are robust. Different methods gave consistent results and quantification of the pressure on the primary raceme can be a good proxy for pressure on the whole plant.
Standardised methods for assessment of pollen beetle pressure will enable comparison of pest management strategies between different studies and facilitate the development of alternative control strategies for this pest.
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