Forest Pathology (2019) 49 (5 - e12541)

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Elahe Ahmadi, Mojegan Kowsari, Davood Azadfar and Gholamreza Salehi Jouzani (2019)
Bacillus pumilus and Stenotrophomonas maltophilia as two potentially causative agents involved in Persian oak decline in Zagros forests (Iran)
Forest Pathology 49 (5 - e12541)
Abstract: The oak decline is known as one of the most destructive complex diseases causing high economic losses around the world, especially in Iran. The main objective of the present study was to investigate the possible role of bacteria as causative agents of oak decline in the Zagros forests of Iran. To do this, stem, root and leaf samples were taken from symptomatic Persian oak trees (Quercus brantii) in different zones of Zagros forests (Ilam Province, Iran). From 150 bacterial isolates, 20 showed pathogenicity against Geranium seedlings. Among 20 hypersensitivity test positive strains, four strains showed pathogenicity against oak saplings. Based on morphological and 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis, three strains were identified as Bacillus pumilus and one strain as non-sporulating Gram-negative Stenotrophomonas maltophilia. Pathogenicity studies of different B. pumilus and S. maltophilia strains revealed that they have potential to cause the disease in oak saplings and symptoms of disorder in Persian oak trees. To our knowledge, there are no previous records of B. pumilus and S. maltophilia causing decline on Fagaceous trees like Q. brantii. More detailed field and molecular studies are required to confirm the absolute role of such bacteria in occurrence of oak decline in Zagros forests.
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Bacillus pumilus Oak (Quercus) Iran
Stenotrophomonas maltophilia Oak (Quercus) Iran