Forest Pathology (2014) 44, 250-254

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R. Drenkhan, K. Adamson, K. Jürimaa and M. Hanso (2014)
Dothistroma septosporum on firs (Abies spp.) in the northern Baltics
Forest Pathology 44 (3), 250-254
Abstract: In the spring of 2008, Dothistroma septosporum, a damaging quarantine pathogen of pine foliage, was documented in Järvselja (southeastern Estonia), apparently for the first time, on white fir (Abies concolor). Thus, a new host species and genus for the fungus were recorded. Infection of white fir by D. septosporum, and also of some other fir species, was monitored annually on a transect proceeding from southeastern Estonia to northern Latvia. As a result, D. septosporum was detected also on silver fir (Abies alba). It is not clear why this fungus with a worldwide distribution appeared on this new host genus definitely in northern Europe.
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Dothistroma septosporum Fir (Abies) Estonia