Forest Pathology (2011) 41, 237-242

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J. Kaitera and R. Hiltunen (2011)
Susceptibility of Pedicularis spp. to Cronartium ribicola and C. flaccidum in Finland
Forest Pathology 41 (3), 237-242
Abstract: Aeciospores of Cronartium ribicola and C. flaccidum were collected from several locations in Finland and used to inoculate Pedicularis spp. and some known and suspected alternate hosts in 2008-2009. In all trials, C. ribicola formed uredinia and telia on leaves of Ribes nigrum. No uredinia or telia of C. ribicola formed on older leaves of Pedicularis spp. but both uredinia and telia were found on young leaves of P. palustris ssp. palustris. Cronartium flaccidum produced uredinia and/or telia on leaves of P. palustris ssp. palustris, P. lapponica, Vincetoxicum hirundinaria and Melampyrum sylvaticum. Neither rust infected P. sceptrum-carolinum, Vaccinium myrtillus, Calluna vulgaris or Ledum palustre. Similar to rusts in Asia and North America, the results showed that European C. ribicola exhibit more variable host reactions and wider alternate host ranges than earlier described. Pedicularis palustris may play a role in the spread of Cronartium in natural forests.
(The abstract is excluded from the Creative Commons licence and has been copied with permission by the publisher.)
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