Dociostaurus maroccanus

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Dociostaurus maroccanus (click on image to enlarge it)
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dociostaurus maroccanus (Thunberg, 1815) - (Moroccan locust)

This small locust is found in semi-arid parts of northern Africa, southern and eastern Europe and western/central Asia. In some areas it can be a serious pest of cereals and other crops. Depending on the breeding and weather conditions, populations can increase to high densities. In these cases it might form swarms and migrate, but not over long distances.

There is one generation per year. Eggs are laid in the summer and take 9-10 month for completing their development. The young hoppers emerge in the spring the following year. Development to the adult stage is around 6 weeks and adults live for about another 6 weeks.

Vernacular names
• Deutsch: Marokkanische Wanderheuschrecke
• English: Moroccan locust
• Español: langosta marroquí
langosta mediterránea
• Français: criquet marocain

Adult females are typically 2½-3 cm long and males around 2-2½ cm. The basic colour is light brown with dark brown patches and stripes. The pronotum is dark brown with a light brown X-shaped mark and a longitudinal band of the some colour along the middle.