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Publications of Annette Bruun Jensen (17 listed):

Experimental and Applied Acarology (2019) 77, 133-143
Stine Kramer Jacobsen, Lene Sigsgaard, Kristian Hansen, James D. Harwood, Eric G. Chapman, Mónica A. Hurtado and Annette B. Jensen (2019)
Generalist predator contributions to the control of Tetranychus urticae in strawberry crops documented by PCR-based gut content analysis

Insects (2019) 10 (2 - 54)
Ibtissem Ben Fekih, Annette Bruun Jensen, Sonia Boukhris-Bouhachem, Gabor Pozsgai, Salah Rezgui, Christopher Rensing and Jørgen Eilenberg (2019)
Virulence of two entomophthoralean fungi, Pandora neoaphidis and Entomophthora planchoniana, to their conspecific (Sitobion avenae) and heterospecific (Rhopalosiphum padi) aphid hosts

Scientia Agricola (2019) 77 (5 - e20180269)
Anja Amtoft Wynns, Annette Bruun Jensen, Jørgen Eilenberg and Italo Delalibera Júnior (2019)
Colletotrichum nymphaeae var. entomophilum var. nov. a natural enemy of the citrus scale insect, Praelongorthezia praelonga (Hemiptera: Ortheziidae)

Molecular Ecology (2017) 26, 2092-2110
Henrik H. De Fine Licht, Annette B. Jensen and Jørgen Eilenberg (2017)
Comparative transcriptomics reveal host-specific nucleotide variation in entomophthoralean fungi

Apidologie (2016) 47, 206-215
Sophie E.F. Evison, Geraldine Fazio, Paula Chappell, Kirsten Foley, Annette B. Jensen and William O.H. Hughes (2016)
Innate expression of antimicrobial peptides does not explain genotypic diversity in resistance to fungal brood parasites in the honey bee

FEMS Microbiology Ecology (2016) 92 (9 - fiw143)
Andy G. Howe, Hans Peter Ravn, Annette B. Jensen and Nicolai V. Meyling (2016)
Spatial and taxonomical overlap of fungi on phylloplanes and invasive alien ladybirds with fungal infections in tree crowns of urban green spaces

Biocontrol Science and Technology (2016) 26, 414-418
D.A. Thomsen and A.B. Jensen (2016)
Molecular-genetic evidence of aphid pathogen Pandora kondoiensis infection in Sitobion avenae collected in Denmark

Annual Review of Entomology (2014) 59, 467-485
Jacobus J. Boomsma, Annette B. Jensen, Nicolai V. Meyling and Jørgen Eilenberg (2014)
Evolutionary interaction networks of insect pathogenic fungi

Insects (2013) 4, 392-403
Jørgen Eilenberg, Lene Thomsen and Annette Bruun Jensen (2013)
A third way for entomophthoralean fungi to survive the winter: Slow disease transmission between individuals of the hibernating host

FEMS Microbiology Letters (2012) 330, 17-22
Annette B. Jensen, Dennis L. Welker, Per Kryger and Rosalind R. James (2012)
Polymorphic DNA sequences of the fungal honey bee pathogen Ascosphaera apis

Biocontrol Science and Technology (2011) 21, 1375-1380
M. Kereselidze, D. Pilarska, A.E. Hajek, A.B. Jensen and A. Linde (2011)
First record of Entomophaga maimaiga (Entomophthorales: Entomophthoraceae) in Georgia

FEMS Microbiology Letters (2009) 300, 180-187
Annette Bruun Jensen, Jørgen Eilenberg and Claudia López Lastra (2009)
Differential divergences of obligately insect-pathogenic Entomophthora species from fly and aphid hosts

Apidologie (2009) 40, 524-534
Annette Bruun Jensen, Bo Vest Pedersen and Jørgen Eilenberg (2009)
Differential susceptibility across honey bee colonies in larval chalkbrood resistance

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2008) 10, 279-290
A.B. Jensen, L.M. Hansen and J. Eilenberg (2008)
Grain aphid population structure: no effect of fungal infections in a 2-year field study in Denmark

Mycologia (2003) 95, 262-268
Ann E. Hajek, Annette Bruun Jensen, Lene Thomsen, Kathie T. Hodge and Jørgen Eilenberg (2003)
PCR-RFLP is used to investigate relations among species in the entomopathogenic genera Eryniopsis and Entomophaga

Mycologia (2002) 94, 794-802
Lene Thomsen and Annette Bruun Jensen (2002)
Application of nested-PCR technique to resting spores from the Entomophthora muscae species complex: implications for analyses of host-pathogen population interactions

Canadian Journal of Microbiology - Revue Canadienne de Microbiologie (2001) 47, 1082-1087
Florian M. Freimoser, Annette B. Jensen, Urs Tuor, Markus Aebi and Jørgen Eilenberg (2001)
Isolation and in vitro cultivation of the aphid pathogenic fungus Entomophthora planchoniana