Studies in Mycology (2006) 55, 163-173

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Pedro W. Crous, Merion M. Liebenberg, Uwe Braun and Johannes Z. Groenewald (2006)
Re-evaluating the taxonomic status of Phaeoisariopsis griseola, the causal agent of angular leaf spot of bean
Studies in Mycology 55, 163-173
Abstract: Angular leaf spot of Phaseolus vulgaris is a serious disease caused by Phaeoisariopsis griseola, in which two major gene pools occur, namely Andean and Middle-American. Sequence analysis of the SSU region of nrDNA revealed the genus Phaeoisariopsis to be indistinguishable from other hyphomycete anamorph genera associated with Mycosphaerella, namely Pseudocercospora and Stigmina. A new combination is therefore proposed in the genus Pseudocercospora, a name to be conserved over Phaeoisariopsis and Stigmina. Further comparisons by means of morphology, cultural characteristics, and DNA sequence analysis of the ITS, calmodulin, and actin gene regions delineated two groups within P. griseola, which are recognised as two formae, namely f. griseola and f. mesoamericana.
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general biology - morphology - evolution

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Pseudocercospora griseola Beans (Phaseolus) Netherlands
Pseudocercospora griseola Beans (Phaseolus) Portugal (continental)
Pseudocercospora griseola Beans (Phaseolus) Korea-South
Pseudocercospora griseola Beans (Phaseolus) Tanzania
Pseudocercospora griseola Beans (Phaseolus) Malawi
Pseudocercospora griseola Beans (Phaseolus) South Africa
Pseudocercospora griseola Beans (Phaseolus) Zambia
Pseudocercospora griseola Beans (Phaseolus) Honduras
Pseudocercospora griseola Beans (Phaseolus) Colombia