Plant Pathology (2017) 66, 691-701

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I.V. Primiano, M. Loehrer, L. Amorim and U. Schaffrath (2017)
Asian grapevine leaf rust caused by Phakopsora euvitis: an important disease in Brazil
Plant Pathology 66 (5), 691-701
Abstract: Anthropogenic influences such as tourism and climate change affect ecosystems. One consequence is that invasive species can spread to and colonize novel areas. A recent example of this scenario is the appearance, in the early 2000s in Brazil and Australia, of the plant pathogenic fungus Phakopsora euvitis, which causes Asian grapevine leaf rust. It is speculated that the disease was introduced either by long distance transport of spores in the atmosphere or the import of contaminated plant material. While the disease could be eradicated from the Australian continent it is still present in Brazil. The pathogen has spread successfully throughout most Brazilian grapevine-growing regions, most probably because of the lack of resistant plant cultivars. Today, the disease is endemic in Brazil. This review was written to highlight the increasing impact of the disease in Brazil and summarizes the current knowledge on the disease monocycle under different environmental conditions and the consequences for grapevine management. Gaps in the present state of knowledge are highlighted with the purpose of stimulating further research aimed at identifying efficient strategies to combat the disease.
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