Phyllosticta capitalensis

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Phyllosticta capitalensis - from left to right: a, b) asci with ascospores, c, d) conidiogenous cells giving rise to conidia, e) conidia - scale bars = 10 μm (click on image to enlarge it)
Authors: C. Glienke, O.L. Pereira, D. Stringari, J. Fabris, V. Kava-Cordeiro, L. Galli-Terasawa, J. Cunnington, R.G. Shivas, J.Z. Groenewald and P.W. Crous
Source: Persoonia, 20121 26, p. 54

Phyllosticta capitalensis Henn. 1908

This fungus infects many types of plants, including citrus and mango. It has been described as "an endophyte and weak plant pathogen with a worldwide distribution" (Wikee et al. 2013). As a pathogen it can cause leaf spot diseases.

Guignardia endophyllicola
Guignardia mangiferae
Phyllosticta anacardiacearum