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corn stunt spiroplasma in phloem cells (thick section, 75,000X) (click on image to enlarge it)
Source: Wikimedia Commons

other plant diseases

The following groups of plant pathogens and diseases are included here:

Citrus blight IPM0725020.jpgDiseases of unknown etiology
Diseases with unidentified disease agents or causes. These might include disorders which are not caused by pathogenic organisms. Currently 2 species listed.
Cephaleuros parasiticus.jpgParasitic algae
Parasitic algae (red rusts). Currently 2 species listed.
Phyllody on Coneflower with aster yellows.jpgPhytoplasmas
Bacteria-like organisms without cell walls which cannot survive outside living plants or insects and cannot be cultured. Currently 27 species listed.
Spiroplasma kunkelii IPM1235014.jpgSpiroplasmas
Bacteria-like, motile organisms without cell walls and with a helical shape. Some species can be cultured in artificial media. Currently 2 species listed.
Phytomonas IPM5475242.pngTrypanosomatidae
Trypanosomatidae - Phytomonas (flagellated protozoa causing plant diseases). Currently 2 species listed.
Potato spindle tuber viroid IPM5356693.jpgViroids
Small, circular and single stranded RNA molecules which can cause plant diseases. Currently 27 species listed.