New Phytologist (2008) 180, 702-710

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Nina Zellerhoff, Marcus Jansen and Ulrich Schaffrath (2008)
Barley Rom1 antagonizes Rar1 function in Magnaporthe oryzae-infected leaves by enhancing epidermal and diminishing mesophyll defence
New Phytologist 180 (3), 702-710
Abstract: - Barley (Hordeum vulgare) is a host for Blumeria graminis f. sp. hordei (Bgh), which causes powdery mildew, and for the rice blast pathogen Magnaporthe oryzae. It has previously been shown that Rar1, initially identified in a mutational screen as being required for Mla12-specified Bgh-resistance, also controlled pathogenic growth of M. oryzae in barley. Here, we tested whether the rom1 mutation (restoration of Mla12-specified resistance), which restored resistance against Bgh in a susceptible rar1-2 genetic background, also influences the interaction between barley and M. oryzae.
- Disease severity after infection with M. oryzae was analysed on rar1-2 mutants and rar1-2 rom1 double mutants. Microscopy and northern analysis were used to gain insight into cellular and molecular events.
- On rar1-2 rom1 double mutant plants, the number of M. oryzae disease lesions was increased in comparison to the wild-type and the rar1-2 mutant which correlated with augmented epidermal penetration. However, a decrease in the lesion diameter, apparently conditioned in the mesophyll, was also observed.
- These results highlight the impact of Rom1 in basal defence of barley against different pathogens. Importantly, a tissue-specific function for Rom1 with contrasting effects on epidermal and mesophyll defence was demonstrated.
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