Mycotaxon (2005) 92, 395-416

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Uwe Braun and Pedro W. Crous (2005)
Additions and corrections to names published in Cercospora and Passalora
Mycotaxon 92 (1), 395-416
Abstract: The new species Cercospora bothriochloae, C. phaseoli-lunati, C. smilacigena, Passalora brandenburgeri, Pseudocercospora lepidagathidis, P. sambucigena, P. xanthorhizae and Stenella hymenocallidis, the new names Pseudocercospora clematidigena, P. tinosporigena and Stenella deightoniana, and the new combinations Passalora cardiostegiae, P. lemnischea, Pseudocercospora forestierae and P. garryae are introduced. Additions and corrections to the nomenclature, taxonomy, typification, host range and distribution of fungi recorded in a checklist of Cercospora and Passalora names are also provided.
(The abstract is excluded from the Creative Commons licence and has been copied with permission by the publisher.)
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Cercospora (anamorphic genus)
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Passalora (anamorphic genus)