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Plant pathogens
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Veterinary/medical pests (588 species)
Weeds, parasitic plants (877 species)
Various other groups (189 species)

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Selected publications of the week
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Striacosta albicosta IPM5465712.jpgJournal of Insect Science (2016) 16 (25), 1-9
Peter J.T. White, Katharine Glover, Joel Stewart and Amanda Rice (2016)
The technical and performance characteristics of a low-cost, simply constructed, black light moth trap
Hyalesthes obsoletus2.jpgJournal of Economic Entomology (2016) 109, 49-56
N. Mori, A. Pozzebon, C. Duso, N. Reggiani and F. Pavan (2016)
Vineyard colonization by Hyalesthes obsoletus (Hemiptera: Cixiidae) induced by stinging nettle cut along surrounding ditches
Anasa tristis IPM5364123.jpgJournal of Integrated Pest Management (2016) 7 (1 - 1), 1-8
H.B. Doughty, J.M. Wilson, P.B. Schultz and T.P. Kuhar (2016)
Squash bug (Hemiptera: Coreidae): Biology and management in cucurbitaceous crops
Fly October 2008-4.jpgPest Management Science (2016) 72, 456-465
David Maxwell Suckling, John M. Kean, Lloyd D. Stringer, Carlos Cáceres-Barrios, Jorge Hendrichs, Jesus Reyes-Flores and Bernard C. Dominiak (2016)
Eradication of tephritid fruit fly pest populations: outcomes and prospects
Bed bug, Cimex lectularius.jpgJournal of Medical Entomology (2016) 53, 116-121
Daniel Sentana-Lledo, Corentin M. Barbu, Michelle N. Ngo, Yage Wu, Karthik Sethuraman and Michael Z. Levy (2016)
Seasons, searches, and intentions: What the internet can tell us about the bed bug (Hemiptera: Cimicidae) epidemic
Plant pathology
Xylella fastidiosa PaDIL136652d.jpgPhytoparasitica (2016) 44, 1-10
Giovanni P. Martelli (2016)
The current status of the quick decline syndrome of olive in southern Italy
IPMimage1234229.jpgEuphytica (2016) 207, 255-271
Soum Sanogo and Jinfa Zhang (2016)
Resistance sources, resistance screening techniques and disease management for Fusarium wilt in cotton
Sphaerotheca fusca IPM5476326.jpgEuropean Journal of Plant Pathology (2016) 144, 399-410
Ales Lebeda, Eva Kristková, Bozena Sedláková, James D. McCreight and Michael D. Coffey (2016)
Cucurbit powdery mildews: methodology for objective determination and denomination of races
Weed science
Alternanthera philoxeroides IPM5400226.jpgInvasive Plant Science and Management (2015) 8, 436-449
Natalie G. Koncki and Myla F.J. Aronson (2015)
Invasion risk in a warmer world: Modeling range expansion and habitat preferences of three nonnative aquatic invasive plants
Invasive species
Harmonia axyridis.jpgBiological Invasions (2016) 18, 299-314
Melodie A. McGeoch, Piero Genovesi, Peter J. Bellingham, Mark J. Costello, Chris McGrannachan and Andy Sheppard (2016)
Prioritizing species, pathways, and sites to achieve conservation targets for biological invasion


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