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  Pests, diseases, weeds  
Plant pathogens
Bacteria (115 species)
Fungi and relatives (817 species)
Plant viruses (429 species)
Other pathogens (57 species)
Insect plant pests
Coleoptera (522 species)
Hemiptera/Homoptera (513 species)
Lepidoptera (393 species)
plant parasitic Diptera (149 species)
Other insect plant pests (331 species)
Other pest groups - weeds
Plant parasitic nematodes (124 species)
Veterinary/medical pests (580 species)
Weeds, parasitic plants (877 species)
Various other groups (186 species)

Welcome to the Pest Information Wiki
With 135134 research publications and other information on pests, diseases and weeds
Organized by the International Society for Pest Information (ISPI)

Selected publications of the week
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Oulema melanopus01.jpgInsect Science (2015) 22, 35-51
Nancy A. Schellhorn, Hazel R. Parry, Sarina Macfadyen, Yongmo Wang and Myron P. Zalucki (2015)
Connecting scales: Achieving in-field pest control from areawide and landscape ecology studies
Rockmelons.JPGJournal of Pest Science (2015) 88, 121-134
C.B. Phillips, I.I. Iline, M. Novoselov, M.R. McNeill, N.K. Richards, C. van Koten and B.P. Stephenson (2015)
Methyl bromide fumigation and delayed mortality: safe trade of live pests?
BitingMidge.jpgAnnual Review of Entomology (2015) 60, 373-392
B.V. Purse, S. Carpenter, G.J. Venter, G. Bellis and B.A. Mullens (2015)
Bionomics of temperate and tropical Culicoides midges: Knowledge gaps and consequences for transmission of Culicoides-borne viruses
Anopheles gambiae mosquito feeding 1354.p lores.jpgParasites and Vectors (2014) 7 (544) - Accurate identification of ...
Constentin Dieme, Amina Yssouf, Anubis Vega-Rúa, Jean-Michel Berenger, Anna-Bella Failloux, Didier Raoult, Philippe Parola and Lionel Almeras (2014)
Accurate identification of Culicidae at aquatic developmental stages by MALDI-TOF MS profiling
Plant pathology
IPMimage1570299.jpgJournal of General Plant Pathology (2015) 81, 103-107
Ryo Okada, Eri Kiyota, Hiromitsu Moriyama, Toshiyuki Fukuhara and Tomohide Natsuaki (2015)
A simple and rapid method to purify viral dsRNA from plant and fungal tissue
Sclerotinia sclerotiorum at Phaseolus vulgaris, sclerotiënrot stamsperzieboon.jpgJournal of Phytopathology (2015) 163, 239-244
Jin-Li Li, Xiang-Yang Liu, Jia-Tao Xie, Ya-Li Di and Fu-Xing Zhu (2015)
A comparison of different estimation methods for fungicide EC50 and EC95 values
IPMimage5428815.jpgMolecular Breeding (2015) 35 (28) - Development of user-friendly ...
William L. Holdsworth and Michael Mazourek (2015)
Development of user-friendly markers for the pvr1 and Bs3 disease resistance genes in pepper
Plant parasitic nematodes
Nematode nodules.jpgNematology (2015) 17, 249-263
Laura J. Davies and Axel A. Elling (2015)
Resistance genes against plant-parasitic nematodes: a durable control strategy?
Soybean cyst nematode and egg SEM.jpgNematropica (2014) 44, 137-145
A.M. Prince, F.H. Khan, B.F. Matthews, N. Islam and S.S. Natarajan (2014)
Transcriptome and proteome alterations during the nematode-soybean interaction
Weed science
Lolium rigidum 1.JPGJournal of Applied Ecology (2015) 52, 240-249
Lucía González-Díaz, José Manuel Blanco-Moreno and José Luis González-Andújar (2015)
Spatially explicit bioeconomic model for weed management in cereals: validation and evaluation of management strategies


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