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  Pests, diseases, weeds  
Plant pathogens
Bacteria (114 species)
Fungi and relatives (824 species)
Plant viruses (422 species)
Other pathogens (57 species)
Insect plant pests
Coleoptera (522 species)
Hemiptera/Homoptera (515 species)
Lepidoptera (394 species)
plant parasitic Diptera (153 species)
Other insect plant pests (332 species)
Other pest groups - weeds
Plant parasitic nematodes (124 species)
Veterinary/medical pests (582 species)
Weeds, parasitic plants (878 species)
Various other groups (185 species)

Welcome to the Pest Information Wiki
With 129281 research publications and other information on pests, diseases and weeds
Organized by the International Society for Pest Information (ISPI)

Selected publications of the week
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Soybeanaphid.jpgJournal of Applied Entomology (2014) 138, 475-484
J.M. Woltz and D.A. Landis (2014)
Comparison of sampling methods of Aphis glycines predators across the diel cycle
Fly October 2008-4.jpgJournal of Pest Science (2014) 87, 361-369
Craig D. Rogers, Clare G. Armsworth and G.M. Poppy (2014)
Conspecific transmission of insecticidal adhesive powder through mating in the Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata
Agriotes sputator.jpgMolecular Ecology (2014) 23, 3826-3837
Corinna Wallinger, Karin Staudacher, Nikolaus Schallhart, Evi Mitterrutzner, Eva-Maria Steiner, Anita Juen and Michael Traugott (2014)
How generalist herbivores exploit belowground plant diversity in temperate grasslands
Aedes aegypti CDC-Gathany.jpgOecologia (2014) 175, 481-492
Daniel Albeny-Simões, Ebony G. Murrell, Simon L. Elliot, Mateus R. Andrade, Eraldo Lima, Steven A. Juliano and Evaldo F. Vilela (2014)
Attracted to the enemy: Aedes aegypti prefers oviposition sites with predator-killed conspecifics
Vector dynamics
Ixodes ricinus.jpgParasites and Vectors (2014) 7 (231) - History and complexity in ...
Andrew D.M. Dobson (2014)
History and complexity in tick-host dynamics: discrepancies between 'real' and 'visible' tick populations
Pant pathology
Phytoplasma asteris IPM5368439.jpgJournal of General Plant Pathology (2014) 80, 210-221
Kensaku Maejima, Kenro Oshima and Shigetou Namba (2014)
Exploring the phytoplasmas, plant pathogenic bacteria
Stripe rust.jpgMolecular Plant Pathology (2014) 15, 433-446
Wanquan Chen, Colin Wellings, Xianming Chen, Zhengsheng Kang and Taiguo Liu (2014)
Wheat stripe (yellow) rust caused by Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici
IPMimage5428815.jpgJournal of General Virology (2014) 95, 1415-1429
K.I. Ivanov, K. Eskelin, A. Lõhmus and K. Mäkinen (2014)
Molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying potyvirus infection
Weed science
Starr 040713-0014 Melaleuca quinquenervia.jpgInvasive Plant Science and Management (2014) 7, 360-374
LeRoy Rodgers, Tony Pernas and Steven D. Hill (2014)
Mapping invasive plant distributions in the Florida Everglades using the digital aerial sketch mapping technique
Amaranthus retroflexus full1.jpgPest Management Science (2014) 70, 1329-1339
Dale L. Shaner and Hugh J. Beckie (2014)
The future for weed control and technology


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