Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association (2016) 32, 341-344

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Seth C. Britch, Herbert Nyberg, Robert L, Aldridge, Tom Swan and Kenneth J. Linthicum (2016)
Acoustic control of mosquito larvae in artificial drinking water containers
Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association 32 (4), 341-344
Abstract: Emerging technology designed to kill mosquito larvae with sound waves may present a nonchemical and nonbiological alternative to reduce larval populations of key medically important mosquito species such as Aedes aegypti in containers or catchments of water. These devices could benefit integrated vector management programs facing public resistance to the use of chemical or biological larvicides in stored drinking water. In this study we investigate the efficacy of a Larvasonic SD-Mini Acoustic Larvicide device in reducing larval populations of Ae. aegypti in 3 volumes of water across a range of acoustic exposure durations. We report lethal pulse duration times for 50% and 90% mortality and optimal exposure durations for the tested water volumes.
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