Journal of Virology (2005)

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Articles of Journal of Virology entered for 2005:

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 39-46
Toshihiro Nagamine, Yu Kawasaki, Tetsutaro Iizuka and Shogo Matsumoto (2005)
Focal distribution of baculovirus IE1 triggered by its binding to the hr DNA elements
Journal of Virology 79 (1),  p. 39

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 511-520
Andrew D.W. Geering, Neil E. Olszewski, Glyn Harper, Benham E.L. Lockhart, Roger Hull and John E. Thomas (2005)
Banana contains a diverse array of endogenous badnaviruses
Journal of Virology 79 (1),  p. 511

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 512-524
Xiaoping Sun, Guohua Zhang and Anne E. Simon (2005)
Short internal sequences involved in replication and virion accumulation in a subviral RNA of Turnip crinkle virus
Journal of Virology 79 (1),  p. 512

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 978-986
Masahiro Tatsuta, Hiroyuki Mizumoto, Masanori Kaido, Kazuyuki Mise and Tetsuro Okuno (2005)
The Red clover necrotic mosaic virus RNA2 trans-activator is also a cis-acting RNA2 replication element
Journal of Virology 79 (2),  p. 978

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 1207-1214
Lawrence Lee, Igor B. Kaplan, Daniel R. Ripoll, Delin Liang, Peter Palukaitis and Stewart M. Gray (2005)
A surface loop of the Potato leafroll virus coat protein is involved in virion assembly, systemic movement, and aphid transmission
Journal of Virology 79 (2),  p. 1207

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 1215-1222
M.R. Hajimorad, A.L. Eggenberger and J.H. Hill (2005)
Loss and gain of elicitor function of Soybean mosaic virus G7 provoking Rsv1-mediated lethal systemic hypersensitive response maps to P3
Journal of Virology 79 (2),  p. 1215

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 1861-1870
Markus Beck and Michael R. Strand (2005)
Glc1.8 from Microplitis demolitor Bracovirus Induces a Loss of Adhesion and Phagocytosis in Insect High Five and S2 Cells
Journal of Virology 79 (3),  p. 1861

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 2108-2114
Yan-Wei Huang, Yun-Feng Geng, Xiao-Bao Ying, Xiao-Ying Chen and Rong-Xiang Fang (2005)
Identification of a movement protein of rice yellow stunt rhabdovirus
Journal of Virology 79 (4),  p. 2108

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 2335-2345
Qianjun Li, Peter Liston and Richard W. Moyer (2005)
Functional analysis of the inhibitor of apoptosis (iap) gene carried by the entomopoxvirus of Amsacta moorei
Journal of Virology 79 (4),  p. 2335

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 2517-2527
Daniela Trinks, R. Rajeswaran, P.V. Shivaprasad, Rashid Akbergenov, Edward J. Oakeley, K. Veluthambi, Thomas Hohn and Mikhail M. Pooggin (2005)
Suppression of RNA silencing by a geminivirus nuclear protein, AC2, correlates with transactivation of host genes
Journal of Virology 79 (4),  p. 2517

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 2549-2558
Meenu S. Padmanabhan, Sameer P. Goregaoker, Sheetal Golem, Haiymanot Shiferaw and James N. Culver (2005)
Interaction of the Tobacco mosaic virus replicase protein with the Aux/IAA protein PAP1/IAA26 is associated with disease development
Journal of Virology 79 (4),  p. 2549

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 3028-3037
Walter Maccheroni, Marcos C. Alegria, Christian C. Greggio, João Paulo Piazza, Rachel F. Kamla, Paula R. A. Zacharias, Moshe Bar-Joseph,, Elliot W. Kitajima, Laura C. Assumpção, Giovana Camarotte, Jussara Cardozo, Elaine C. Casagrande, Fernanda Ferrari, Sulamita F. Franco, Poliana F. Giachetto, Alessandra Girasol, Hamilton Jordão Jr., Vitor H. A. Silva, Leonardo C. A. Souza, Carlos I. Aguilar-Vildoso, Almir S. Zanca, Paulo Arruda, João Paulo Kitajima, Fernando C. Reinach, Jesus A. Ferro and Ana C. R. da Silva (2005)
Identification and genomic characterization of a new virus (Tymoviridae Family) associated with citrus sudden death disease
Journal of Virology 79 (5),  p. 3028

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 3277-3288
Padmanaban Annamalai, Swapna Apte, Stephan Wilkens and A.L.N. Rao (2005)
Deletion of highly conserved arginine-rich RNA binding motif in Cowpea chlorotic mottle virus capsid protein results in virion structural alterations and RNA packaging constraints
Journal of Virology 79 (6),  p. 3277

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 3664-3674
Li-Hua Guo, Yun-He Cao, Da-Wei Li, Sheng-Niao Niu, Zhu-Nan Cai, Cheng-Gui Han, Ya-Feng Zhai and Jia-Lin Yu (2005)
Analysis of nucleotide sequences and multimeric forms of a novel satellite RNA associated with Beet black scorch virus
Journal of Virology 79 (6),  p. 3664

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 3684-3691
Qianjun Li, Peter Liston, Natasha Schokman, Jenny Mei Ho and Richard W. Moyer (2005)
Amsacta moorei entomopoxvirus inhibitor of apoptosis suppresses cell death by binding Grim and Hid
Journal of Virology 79 (6),  p. 3684

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 3758-3765
Jasminka Boskovic, Carlos Alfonso, Germán Rivas, Oscar Llorca, Dionisio López-Abella and Juan José López-Moya (2005)
Structural analysis of tobacco etch potyvirus HC-Pro oligomers involved in aphid transmission
Journal of Virology 79 (6),  p. 3758

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 4407-4414
Eugénie Hébrard, Agnès Pinel-Galzi, Vincent Catherinot, Gilles Labesse, Christophe Brugidou and Denis Fargette (2005)
Internal point mutations of the capsid modify the serotype of Rice yellow mottle virus
Journal of Virology 79 (7),  p. 4407

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 4434-4439
Mazhar Hussain, Shahid Mansoor, Shazia Iram, Ayesha Naureen Fatima and Yusuf Zafar (2005)
The nuclear shuttle protein of Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus is a pathogenicity determinant
Journal of Virology 79 (7),  p. 4434

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 4619-4629
Taryn M. Stewart, Ilse Huijskens, Leslie G. Willis and David A. Theilmann (2005)
The Autographa californica multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus ie0-ie1 gene complex is essential for wild-type virus replication, but either IE0 or IE1 can support virus growth
Journal of Virology 79 (8),  p. 4619

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 5017-5026
Rimantas Daugelavicius, Virginija Cvirkaité, Ausra Gaidelyté, Elena Bakiené, Rasa Gabrénaité-Verkhovskaya and Dennis H. Bamford (2005)
Penetration of enveloped double-stranded RNA bacteriophages phi-13 and phi-6 into Pseudomonas syringae cells
Journal of Virology 79 (8),  p. 5017

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 5304-5314
Chi-Wei Tsai, Margaret G. Redinbaugh, Kristen J. Willie, Sharon Reed, Michael Goodin and Saskia A. Hogenhout (2005)
Complete genome sequence and in planta subcellular localization of Maize fine streak virus proteins
Journal of Virology 79 (9),  p. 5304

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 5732-5742
Anna Urbanowicz, Magdalena Alejska, Piotr Formanowicz, Jacek Blazewicz, Marek Figlerowicz and Jozef J. Bujarski (2005)
Homologous crossovers among molecules of brome mosaic bromovirus RNA1 or RNA2 segments in vivo
Journal of Virology 79 (9),  p. 5732

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 5743-5751
Jessica E. Petrillo, Gail Rocheleau, Brenna Kelley-Clarke and Lee Gehrke (2005)
Evaluation of the conformational switch model for Alfalfa mosaic virus RNA replication
Journal of Virology 79 (9),  p. 5743

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 5752-5761
Laura M. Guogas, Siana M. Laforest and Lee Gehrke (2005)
Coat protein activation of Alfalfa mosaic virus replication is concentration dependent
Journal of Virology 79 (9),  p. 5752

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 6540-6543
Patricia Landry and Jean-Pierre Perreault (2005)
Identification of a Peach latent mosaic viroid hairpin able to act as a dicer-like substrate
Journal of Virology 79 (10),  p. 6540

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 7410-7418
Hui Wang, Kenneth J. Buckley, Xiaojuan Yang, R. Cody Buchmann and David M. Bisaro (2005)
Adenosine kinase inhibition and suppression of RNA silencing by geminivirus AL2 and L2 proteins
Journal of Virology 79 (12),  p. 7410

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 7617-7628
Jeremy A. Kroemer and Bruce A. Webb (2005)
I-kappa-ß-related vankyrin genes in the Campoletis sonorensis Ichnovirus: Temporal and tissue-specific patterns of expression in parasitized Heliothis virescens lepidopteran hosts
Journal of Virology 79 (12),  p. 7617

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 7812-7818
Attila Molnár, Tibor Csorba, Lóránt Lakatos, Éva Várallyay, Christophe Lacomme and József Burgyán (2005)
Plant virus-derived small interfering RNAs originate predominantly from highly structured single-stranded viral RNAs
Journal of Virology 79 (12),  p. 7812

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 8149-8163
P.V. Shivaprasad, Rashid Akbergenov, Daniela Trinks, R. Rajeswaran, K. Veluthambi, Thomas Hohn and Mikhail M. Pooggin (2005)
Promoters, transcripts, and regulatory proteins of mungbean yellow mosaic geminivirus
Journal of Virology 79 (13),  p. 8149

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 9046-9053
Hsiao-Ning Chiu, I-Hsuan Chen, Tzu-Chi Chen, Yau-Heiu Hsu and Ching-Hsiu Tsai (2005)
Structural and functional analysis of the cis-acting elements required for plus-strand RNA synthesis of Bamboo mosaic virus
Journal of Virology 79 (14),  p. 9046

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 9381-9387
D. Chen, S. Juárez, L. Hartweck, J.M. Alamillo, C. Simón-Mateo, J.J. Pérez, M.R. Fernández-Fernández, N.E. Olszewski and J.A. García (2005)
Identification of secret agent as the O-GlcNAc transferase that participates in Plum pox virus infection
Journal of Virology 79 (15),  p. 9381

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 9430-9438
Alexandra Shapiro, Terry Green, Shujing Rao, Susan White, Gerry Carner, Peter P.C. Mertens and James J. Becnel (2005)
Morphological and molecular characterization of a cypovirus (Reoviridae) from the mosquito Uranotaenia sapphirina (Diptera: Culicidae)
Journal of Virology 79 (15),  p. 9430

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 9756-9764
Rustem T. Omarov, Dong Qi and Karen-Beth G. Scholthof (2005)
The capsid protein of satellite Panicum mosaic virus contributes to systemic invasion and interacts with its helper virus
Journal of Virology 79 (15),  p. 9756

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 9765-9776
E. Espagne, V. Douris, G. Lalmanach, B. Provost, L. Cattolico, J. Lesobre, S. Kurata, K. Iatrou, J.-M. Drezen and E. Huguet (2005)
A virus essential for insect host-parasite interactions encodes cystatins
Journal of Virology 79 (15),  p. 9765

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 9885-9895
Sharon B. Settlage, Renee G. See and Linda Hanley-Bowdoin (2005)
Geminivirus C3 protein: replication enhancement and protein interactions
Journal of Virology 79 (15),  p. 9885

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 9991-10002
Clarisse Valentin, Patrice Dunoyer, Guillaume Vetter, Catherine Schalk, André Dietrich and Salah Bouzoubaa (2005)
Molecular basis for mitochondrial localization of viral particles during Beet necrotic yellow vein virus infection
Journal of Virology 79 (15),  p. 9991

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 10077-10082
Lu Liqun, Hadassah Rivkin and Nor Chejanovsky (2005)
The immediate-early protein IE0 of the Autographa californica nucleopolyhedrovirus is not essential for viral replication
Journal of Virology 79 (15),  p. 10077

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 10578-10588
James M. Slavicek and Holly J.R. Popham (2005)
The Lymantria dispar nucleopolyhedrovirus enhancins are components of occlusion-derived virus
Journal of Virology 79 (16),  p. 10578

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 10608-10618
Zivile Panaviene, Tadas Panavas and Peter D. Nagy (2005)
Role of an internal and two 3'-terminal RNA elements in assembly of tombusvirus replicase
Journal of Virology 79 (16),  p. 10608

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 10915-10922
Zhilin Chen and Eric B. Carstens (2005)
Identification of Domains in Autographa californica Multiple Nucleopolyhedrovirus Late Expression Factor 3 Required for Nuclear Transport of P143
Journal of Virology 79 (16),  p. 10915

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 11752-11765
Shuo Cheng Zhang, Guangzhi Zhang, Lanying Yang, Joan Chisholm and Hélène Sanfaçon (2005)
Evidence that insertion of Tomato ringspot nepovirus NTB-VPg protein in endoplasmic reticulum membranes is directed by two domains: a C-terminal transmembrane helix and an N-terminal amphipathic helix
Journal of Virology 79 (18),  p. 11752

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 12077-12080
Drake C. Stenger, Roy French and Frederick E. Gildow (2005)
Complete deletion of Wheat streak mosaic virus HC-Pro: a null mutant is viable for systemic infection
Journal of Virology 79 (18),  p. 12077

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 13747-13758
Xiaofeng Wang, Wai-Ming Lee, Tokiko Watanabe, Michael Schwartz, Michael Janda and Paul Ahlquist (2005)
Brome mosaic virus 1a nucleoside triphosphatase/helicase domain plays crucial roles in recruiting RNA replication templates
Journal of Virology 79 (21),  p. 13747

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 13900-13914
Joyce A. Wilson, Scott D. Forney, Alessondra M. Ricci, Emily G. Allen, Kathleen L. Hefferon and Lois K. Miller (2005)
Expression and mutational analysis of Autographa californica nucleopolyhedrovirus HCF-1: Functional requirements for cysteine residues
Journal of Virology 79 (22),  p. 13900

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 14222-14234
K. Gopinath, B. Dragnea and C. Kao (2005)
Interaction between Brome mosaic virus proteins and RNAs: Effects on RNA replication, protein expression, and RNA stability
Journal of Virology 79 (22),  p. 14222

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 14555-14561
I-Hsuan Chen, Wen-Jen Chou, Pei-Yu Lee, Yau-Heiu Hsu and Ching-Hsiu Tsai (2005)
The AAUAAA motif of Bamboo mosaic virus RNA is involved in minus-strand RNA synthesis and plus-strand RNA polyadenylation
Journal of Virology 79 (23),  p. 14555

Journal of Virology (2005) 79, 15258-15264
Taro Ohkawa, Jan O. Washburn, Ronika Sitapara, Eric Sid and Loy E. Volkman (2005)
Specific binding of Autographa californica M nucleopolyhedrovirus occlusion-derived virus to midgut cells of Heliothis virescens larvae is mediated by products of pif genes Ac119 and Ac022 but not by Ac115
Journal of Virology 79 (24),  p. 15258