Journal of Virology (2004)

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Articles of Journal of Virology entered for 2004:

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 329-339
Tricia Chen, Daniela Sahri and Eric B. Carstens (2004)
Characterization of the interaction between P143 and LEF-3 from two different baculovirus species: Choristoneura fumiferana nucleopolyhedrovirus LEF-3 can complement Autographa californica nucleopolyhedrovirus LEF-3 in supporting DNA replication
Journal of Virology 78 (1),  p. 329

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 790-797
Adly Abd-Alla, Françoise-Xavière Jousset, Yi Li, Gilles Fédière, François Cousserans and Max Bergoin (2004)
NS-3 protein of the Junonia coenia densovirus is essential for viral DNA replication in an Ld 652 cell line and Spodoptera littoralis larvae
Journal of Virology 78 (2),  p. 790

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 892-898
Bradley I. Hillman, S. Supyani, Hideki Kondo and Nobuhiro Suzuki (2004)
A reovirus of the fungus Cryphonectria parasitica that is infectious as particles and related to the Coltivirus genus of animal pathogens
Journal of Virology 78 (2),  p. 892

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 1169-1180
M. Hema and C. Cheng Kao (2004)
Template sequence near the initiation nucleotide can modulate Brome mosaic virus RNA accumulation in plant protoplasts
Journal of Virology 78 (3),  p. 1169

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 1271-1280
Yih-Leh Huang, Yu-Tsung Han, Ya-Ting Chang, Yau-Heiu Hsu and Menghsiao Meng (2004)
Critical residues for GTP methylation and formation of the covalent m7GMP-enzyme intermediate in the capping enzyme domain of Bamboo mosaic virus
Journal of Virology 78 (3),  p. 1271

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 1591-1594
C.M. Carvalho, J. Pouwels, J.W.M. van Lent, T. Bisseling, R.W. Goldbach and J. Wellink (2004)
The movement protein of Cowpea mosaic virus binds GTP and single-stranded nucleic acid in vitro
Journal of Virology 78 (3),  p. 1591

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 2288-2300
Natalia Shapka and Peter D. Nagy (2004)
The AU-rich RNA recombination hot spot sequence of Brome mosaic virus is functional in tombusviruses: implications for the mechanism of RNA recombination
Journal of Virology 78 (5),  p. 2288

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 2301-2309
P. Dunoyer, C. Thomas, S. Harrison, F. Revers and A. Maule (2004)
A cysteine-rich plant protein potentiates Potyvirus movement through an interaction with the virus genome-linked protein VPg
Journal of Virology 78 (5),  p. 2301

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 2445-2453
T.G. Burrage, Z. Lu, J.G. Neilan, D.L. Rock and L. Zsak (2004)
African swine fever virus multigene family 360 genes affect virus replication and generalization of infection in Ornithodoros porcinus ticks
Journal of Virology 78 (5),  p. 2445

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 3252-3261
Denis Fargette, Agnès Pinel, Zakia Abubakar, Oumar Traoré, Christophe Brugidou, Sorho Fatogoma, Eugénie Hébrard, Marc Choisy, Yacouba Séré, Claude Fauquet and Gnissa Konaté (2004)
Inferring the evolutionary history of Rice yellow mottle virus from genomic, phylogenetic, and phylogeographic studies
Journal of Virology 78 (7),  p. 3252

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 3372-3377
Laurence M. Brill, Songpon Dechongkit, Byron DeLaBarre, Jonathon Stroebel, Roger N. Beachy and Mark Yeager (2004)
Dimerization of recombinant Tobacco mosaic virus movement protein
Journal of Virology 78 (7),  p. 3372

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 3704-3709
Valera V. Peremyslov, Yung-Wei Pan and Valerian V. Dolja (2004)
Movement protein of a closterovirus is a type III integral transmembrane protein localized to the endoplasmic reticulum
Journal of Virology 78 (7),  p. 3704

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 4003-4010
Sharief Barends, Joëlle Rudinger-Thirion, Catherine Florentz, Richard Giegé, Cornelis W.A. Pleij and Barend Kraal (2004)
tRNA-like structure regulates translation of Brome mosaic virus RNA
Journal of Virology 78 (8),  p. 4003

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 4048-4053
René C.L. Olsthoorn, P.C. Joost Haasnoot and John F. Bol (2004)
Similarities and differences between the subgenomic and minus-strand promoters of an RNA plant virus
Journal of Virology 78 (8),  p. 4048

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 4145-4155
Todd D. Allen and Donald L. Nuss (2004)
Specific and common alterations in host gene transcript accumulation following infection of the chestnut blight fungus by mild and severe hypoviruses
Journal of Virology 78 (8),  p. 4145

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 4976-4982
Ricardo B. Medeiros, Renato de O. Resende and Antonio Carlos de Ávila (2004)
The plant virus Tomato spotted wilt tospovirus activates the immune system of its main insect vector, Frankliniella occidentalis
Journal of Virology 78 (10),  p. 4976

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 6758-6765
Bettina Böttcher, Sigrid Unseld, Hugo Ceulemans, Robert B. Russell and Holger Jeske (2004)
Geminate structures of African cassava mosaic virus
Journal of Virology 78 (13),  p. 6758

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 6786-6791
Eric J. Haas-Stapleton, Jan O. Washburn and Loy E. Volkman (2004)
P74 Mediates specific binding of Autographa californica M nucleopolyhedrovirus occlusion-derived virus to primary cellular targets in the midgut epithelia of Heliothis virescens larvae
Journal of Virology 78 (13),  p. 6786

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 6946-6954
Marcel Westenberg, Frank Veenman, Els C. Roode, Rob W. Goldbach, Just M. Vlak and Douwe Zuidema (2004)
Functional analysis of the putative fusion domain of the baculovirus envelope fusion protein F
Journal of Virology 78 (13),  p. 6946

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 7023-7035
Hilary A.M. Lauzon, Christopher J. Lucarotti, Peter J. Krell, Qili Feng, Arthur Retnakaran and Basil M. Arif (2004)
Sequence and organization of the Neodiprion lecontei nucleopolyhedrovirus genome
Journal of Virology 78 (13),  p. 7023

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 7036-7051
Alejandra Garcia-Maruniak, James E. Maruniak, Paolo M.A. Zanotto, Aissa E. Doumbouya, Jaw-Ching Liu, Thomas M. Merritt and Jennifer S. Lanoie (2004)
Sequence analysis of the genome of the Neodiprion sertifer nucleopolyhedrovirus
Journal of Virology 78 (13),  p. 7036

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 7379-7391
Jennifer N. Bragg, Diane M. Lawrence and Andrew O. Jackson (2004)
The N-terminal 85 amino acids of the Barley stripe mosaic virus gamma-b pathogenesis protein contain three zinc-binding motifs
Journal of Virology 78 (14),  p. 7379

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 7698-7706
Stefan Hehnle, Christina Wege and Holger Jeske (2004)
Interaction of DNA with the movement proteins of geminiviruses revisited
Journal of Virology 78 (14),  p. 7698

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 7945-7957
Anna Jakubiec, Julien Notaise, Vincent Tournier, François Héricourt, Maryse A. Block, Gabrièle Drugeon, Linda van Aelst and Isabelle Jupin (2004)
Assembly of Turnip yellow mosaic virus replication complexes: interaction between the proteinase and polymerase domains of the replication proteins
Journal of Virology 78 (15),  p. 7945

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 8254-8263
Zivile Panaviene, Tadas Panavas, Saulius Serva and Peter D. Nagy (2004)
Purification of the Cucumber necrosis virus replicase from yeast cells: role of coexpressed viral RNA in stimulation of replicase activity
Journal of Virology 78 (15),  p. 8254

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 9325-9335
Daiki Matsuda, Lisa Bauer, Kathryn Tinnesand and Theo W. Dreher (2004)
Expression of the two nested overlapping reading frames of Turnip yellow mosaic virus RNA is enhanced by a 5' cap and by 5' and 3' viral sequences
Journal of Virology 78 (17),  p. 9325

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 9487-9498
Ramachandran Vanitharani, Padmanabhan Chellappan, Justin S. Pita and Claude M. Fauquet (2004)
Differential roles of AC2 and AC4 of cassava geminiviruses in mediating synergism and suppression of posttranscriptional gene silencing
Journal of Virology 78 (17),  p. 9487

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 9633-9644
Xiaojiang Dai, Taryn M. Stewart, Joseph A. Pathakamuri, Qianjun Li and David A. Theilmann (2004)
Autographa californica multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus exon0 (orf141), which encodes a RING finger protein, is required for efficient production of budded virus
Journal of Virology 78 (18),  p. 9633

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 10265-10275
M.N. Becker, W.B. Greenleaf, D.A. Ostrov and R.W. Moyer (2004)
Amsacta moorei entomopoxvirus expresses an active superoxide dismutase
Journal of Virology 78 (19),  p. 10265

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 10650-10656
Kazuhiro Okano, Adam L. Vanarsdall and George F. Rohrmann (2004)
Characterization of a baculovirus lacking the alkaline nuclease gene
Journal of Virology 78 (19),  p. 10650

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 10715-10723
Gabriel Morilla, Björn Krenz, Holger Jeske, Eduardo R. Bejarano and Christina Wege (2004)
Tête à tête of Tomato yellow leaf curl virus and Tomato yellow leaf curl Sardinia virus in single nuclei
Journal of Virology 78 (19),  p. 10715

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 11161-11171
Miguel F. Carvalho and Sondra G. Lazarowitz (2004)
Interaction of the movement protein NSP and the Arabidopsis acetyltransferase AtNSI is necessary for cabbage leaf curl geminivirus infection and pathogenicity
Journal of Virology 78 (20),  p. 11161

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 12120-12128
Sandra Pauli, Helen M. Rothnie, Gang Chen, Xiaoyuan He and Thomas Hohn (2004)
The Cauliflower mosaic virus 35S promoter extends into the transcribed region
Journal of Virology 78 (22),  p. 12120

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 12703-12708
Hiroki Ishikawa, Motoko Ikeda, Cristiano A. Felipe Alves, Suzanne M. Thiem and Michihiro Kobayashi (2004)
Host range factor 1 from Lymantria dispar nucleopolyhedrovirus (NPV) is an essential viral factor required for productive infection of NPVs in IPLB-Ld652Y cells derived from L. dispar
Journal of Virology 78 (22),  p. 12703

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 13197-13206
Anna E. Whitfield, Diane E. Ullman and Thomas L. German (2004)
Expression and characterization of a soluble form of Tomato spotted wilt virus glycoprotein GN
Journal of Virology 78 (23),  p. 13197

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 13420-13429
S.-K. Choi, M. Hema, K. Gopinath, J. Santos and C. Kao (2004)
Replicase-binding sites on plus- and minus-strand Brome mosaic virus RNAs and their roles in RNA replication in plant cells
Journal of Virology 78 (24),  p. 13420

Journal of Virology (2004) 78, 13966-13974
Xiaofeng Cui, Xiaorong Tao, Yan Xie, Claude M. Fauquet and Xueping Zhou (2004)
A DNAß associated with Tomato yellow leaf curl China virus is required for symptom induction
Journal of Virology 78 (24),  p. 13966