Journal of Virology (2003)

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Articles of Journal of Virology entered for 2003:

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 245-257
Debashish Ray and K. Andrew White (2003)
An internally located RNA hairpin enhances replication of Tomato bushy stunt virus RNAs
Journal of Virology 77 (1),  p. 245

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 280-290
Jan O. Washburn, Eric Y. Chan, Loy E. Volkman, Jared J. Aumiller and Donald L. Jarvis (2003)
Early synthesis of budded virus envelope fusion protein GP64 enhances Autographa californica multicapsid nucleopolyhedrovirus virulence in orally infected Heliothis virescens
Journal of Virology 77 (1),  p. 280

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 328-339
Oliver Y. Lung, Marilyn Cruz-Alvarez and Gary W. Blissard (2003)
Ac23, an envelope fusion protein homolog in the baculovirus Autographa californica multicapsid nucleopolyhedrovirus, is a viral pathogenicity factor
Journal of Virology 77 (1),  p. 328

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 340-352
Siddarame Gowda, María A. Ayllón, Tatineni Satyanarayana, Moshe Bar-Joseph and William O. Dawson (2003)
Transcription strategy in a Closterovirus: a novel 5'-proximal controller element of Citrus tristeza virus produces 5'- and 3'-terminal subgenomic RNAs and differs from 3' open reading frame controller elements
Journal of Virology 77 (1),  p. 340

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 535-545
Liqun Lu, Quansheng Du and Nor Chejanovsky (2003)
Reduced expression of the immediate-early protein IE0 enables efficient replication of Autographa californica multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus in poorly permissive Spodoptera littoralis cells
Journal of Virology 77 (1),  p. 535

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 769-775
Pritsana Chomchan, Shi-Fang Li and Yukio Shirako (2003)
Rice grassy stunt tenuivirus nonstructural protein p5 interacts with itself to form oligomeric complexes in vitro and in vivo
Journal of Virology 77 (1),  p. 769

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 923-930
Noriko Imai, Noriyuki Matsuda, Keiji Tanaka, Akihiko Nakano, Shogo Matsumoto and WonKyung Kang (2003)
Ubiquitin ligase activities of Bombyx mori nucleopolyhedrovirus RING finger proteins
Journal of Virology 77 (2),  p. 923

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 1452-1461
Shigeki Kawakami, Koichi Hori, Daijiro Hosokawa, Yoshimi Okada and Yuichiro Watanabe (2003)
Defective tobamovirus movement protein lacking wild-type phosphorylation sites can be complemented by substitutions found in revertants
Journal of Virology 77 (2),  p. 1452

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 2116-2123
Vitantonio Pantaleo, Luisa Rubino and Marcello Russo (2003)
Replication of Carnation Italian ringspot virus defective interfering RNA in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Journal of Virology 77 (3),  p. 2116

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 2377-2384
Alberto J. Napuli, Dina V. Alzhanova, Catalin E. Doneanu, Douglas F. Barofsky, Eugene V. Koonin and Valerian V. Dolja (2003)
The 64-kilodalton capsid protein homolog of Beet yellows virus is required for assembly of virion tails
Journal of Virology 77 (4),  p. 2377

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 2436-2444
Victor S. Mikhailov, Kazuhiro Okano and George F. Rohrmann (2003)
Baculovirus alkaline nuclease possesses a 5' -> 3' exonuclease activity and associates with the DNA-binding protein LEF-3
Journal of Virology 77 (4),  p. 2436

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 2843-2849
Chih-Wen Peng, Alberto J. Napuli and Valerian V. Dolja (2003)
Leader proteinase of Beet yellows virus functions in long-distance transport
Journal of Virology 77 (5),  p. 2843

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 3247-3256
V. Brault, M. Bergdoll, J. Mutterer, V. Prasad, S. Pfeffer, M. Erdinger, K.E. Richards and V. Ziegler-Graff (2003)
Effects of point mutations in the major capsid protein of Beet western yellows virus on capsid formation, virus accumulation, and aphid transmission
Journal of Virology 77 (5),  p. 3247

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 3430-3440
Xiaofeng Wu and Linda A. Guarino (2003)
Autographa californica nucleopolyhedrovirus orf69 encodes an RNA cap (nucleoside-2'-o)-methyltransferase
Journal of Virology 77 (6),  p. 3430

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 3549-3556
Sameer P. Goregaoker and James N. Culver (2003)
Oligomerization and activity of the helicase domain of the Tobacco mosaic virus 126- and 183-kilodalton replicase proteins
Journal of Virology 77 (6),  p. 3549

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 3922-3928
Kishore Kakani, Marjorie Robbins and D'Ann Rochon (2003)
Evidence that binding of Cucumber necrosis virus to vector zoospores involves recognition of oligosaccharides
Journal of Virology 77 (7),  p. 3922

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 6082-6086
Zoltán Havelda, Csaba Hornyik, Aniello Crescenzi and József Burgyán (2003)
In situ characterization of Cymbidium ringspot tombusvirus infection-induced posttranscriptional gene silencing in Nicotiana benthamiana
Journal of Virology 77 (10),  p. 6082

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 6265-6273
Sandy Xiaoxin Zhang, Yu Han and Gary W. Blissard (2003)
Palmitoylation of the Autographa californica multicapsid nucleopolyhedrovirus envelope glycoprotein GP64: mapping, functional studies, and lipid rafts
Journal of Virology 77 (11),  p. 6265

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 6528-6532
Z. Fadda, J.A. Daròs, C. Fagoaga, R. Flores and N. Duran-Vila (2003)
Eggplant latent viroid, the candidate type species for a new genus within the family Avsunviroidae (Hammerhead Viroids)
Journal of Virology 77 (11),  p. 6528

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 6785-6798
Alessandra Lucioli, Emanuela Noris, Angela Brunetti, Raffaela Tavazza, Valentino Ruzza, Araceli G. Castillo, Eduardo R. Bejarano, Gian Paolo Accotto and Mario Tavazza (2003)
Tomato yellow leaf curl sardinia virus rep-derived resistance to homologous and heterologous geminiviruses occurs by different mechanisms and is overcome if virus-mediated transgene silencing is activated
Journal of Virology 77 (12),  p. 6785

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 7452-7458
Hugo H.J. Bink, Jan Schirawski, Anne-Lise Haenni and Cornelis W.A. Pleij (2003)
The 5'-proximal hairpin of Turnip yellow mosaic virus RNA: its role in translation and encapsidation
Journal of Virology 77 (13),  p. 7452

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 7880-7889
Xiaoping Sun and Anne E. Simon (2003)
Fitness of a Turnip crinkle virus satellite RNA correlates with a sequence-nonspecific hairpin and flanking sequences that enhance replication and repress the accumulation of virions
Journal of Virology 77 (14),  p. 7880

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 8577-8583
Kappei Kobayashi and Thomas Hohn (2003)
Dissection of Cauliflower mosaic virus transactivator/viroplasmin reveals distinct essential functions in basic virus replication
Journal of Virology 77 (15),  p. 8577

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 8669-8675
T.A.M. Osman and K.W. Buck (2003)
Identification of a region of the Tobacco mosaic virus 126- and 183-kilodalton replication proteins which binds specifically to the viral 3'-terminal tRNA-like structure
Journal of Virology 77 (16),  p. 8669

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 9124-9135
Delphine Prod'homme, Anna Jakubiec, Vincent Tournier, Gabrièle Drugeon and Isabelle Jupin (2003)
Targeting of the Turnip yellow mosaic virus 66k replication protein to the chloroplast envelope is mediated by the 140k protein
Journal of Virology 77 (17),  p. 9124

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 9232-9243
María A. Ayllón, Siddarame Gowda, Tatineni Satyanarayana, Alexander V. Karasev, Scott Adkins, Munir Mawassi, José Guerri, Pedro Moreno and William O. Dawson (2003)
Effects of modification of the transcription initiation site context on Citrus tristeza virus subgenomic RNA synthesis
Journal of Virology 77 (17),  p. 9232

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 9244-9258
K.S. Rajendran and Peter D. Nagy (2003)
Characterization of the RNA-binding domains in the replicase proteins of Tomato bushy stunt virus
Journal of Virology 77 (17),  p. 9244

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 9685-9694
Angel Emilio Martínez de Alba, Rudolf Sägesser, Martin Tabler and Mina Tsagris (2003)
A bromodomain-containing protein from tomato specifically binds Potato spindle tuber viroid RNA in vitro and in vivo
Journal of Virology 77 (17),  p. 9685

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 9906-9911
Soledad Sacristán, José M. Malpica, Aurora Fraile and Fernando García-Arenal (2003)
Estimation of population bottlenecks during systemic movement of Tobacco mosaic virus in tobacco plants
Journal of Virology 77 (18),  p. 9906

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 9979-9986
Tri Asmira Damayanti, Satoshi Tsukaguchi, Kazuyuki Mise and Tetsuro Okuno (2003)
cis-acting elements required for efficient packaging of Brome mosaic virus RNA3 in barley protoplasts
Journal of Virology 77 (18),  p. 9979

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 10357-10365
P. Tijssen, Y. Li, M. El-Far, J. Szelei, M. Letarte and Z. Zádori (2003)
Organization and expression strategy of the ambisense genome of densonucleosis virus of Galleria mellonella
Journal of Virology 77 (19),  p. 10357

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 10725-10729
Kangayam M. Ponnuvel, Hiroshi Nakazawa, Seiichi Furukawa, Ai Asaoka, Jun Ishibashi, Hiromitsu Tanaka and Minoru Yamakawa (2003)
A lipase isolated from the silkworm Bombyx mori shows antiviral activity against nucleopolyhedrovirus
Journal of Virology 77 (19),  p. 10725

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 10808-10818
Marcel Pilartz and Holger Jeske (2003)
Mapping of abutilon mosaic geminivirus minichromosomes
Journal of Virology 77 (20),  p. 10808

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 11060-11071
Hervé Bossin, Philippe Fournier, Corinne Royer, Patrick Barry, Pierre Cérutti, Sylvie Gimenez, Pierre Couble and Max Bergoin (2003)
Junonia coenia densovirus-based vectors for stable transgene expression in Sf9 cells: influence of the densovirus sequences on genomic integration
Journal of Virology 77 (20),  p. 11060

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 11284-11289
A. Corina Vlot and John F. Bol (2003)
The 5' untranslated region of Alfalfa mosaic virus RNA 1 is involved in negative-strand RNA synthesis
Journal of Virology 77 (20),  p. 11284

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 12113-12121
Hiroyuki Mizumoto, Masahiro Tatsuta, Masanori Kaido, Kazuyuki Mise and Tetsuro Okuno (2003)
Cap-independent translational enhancement by the 3' untranslated region of Red clover necrotic mosaic virus RNA1
Journal of Virology 77 (22),  p. 12113

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 13053-13061
Shizuo George Kamita, Susumu Maeda and Bruce D. Hammock (2003)
High-frequency homologous recombination between baculoviruses involves DNA replication
Journal of Virology 77 (24),  p. 13053