Journal of Virology (2002)

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Articles of Journal of Virology entered for 2002:

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 178-184
Marcel Westenberg, Hualin Wang, Wilfred F.J. Ijkel, Rob W. Goldbach, Just M. Vlak and Douwe Zuidema (2002)
Furin is involved in baculovirus envelope fusion protein activation
Journal of Virology 76 (1),  p. 178

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 473-483
Tatineni Satyanarayana, Siddarame Gowda, María A. Ayllón, María R. Albiach-Martí, Shailaja Rabindran and William O. Dawson (2002)
The p23 protein of Citrus tristeza virus controls asymmetrical RNA accumulation
Journal of Virology 76 (2),  p. 473

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 865-874
Patrice Dunoyer, Christophe Ritzenthaler, Odile Hemmer, Pierre Michler and Christiane Fritsch (2002)
Intracellular localization of the peanut clump virus replication complex in tobacco BY-2 protoplasts containing green fluorescent protein-labeled endoplasmic reticulum or golgi apparatus
Journal of Virology 76 (2),  p. 865

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 1339-1348
Francis Moonan and T. Erik Mirkov (2002)
Analyses of genotypic diversity among North, South, and Central American isolates of Sugarcane yellow leaf virus: evidence for Colombian origins and for intraspecific spatial phylogenetic variation
Journal of Virology 76 (3),  p. 1339

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 1707-1717
K.S. Rajendran, J. Pogany and P.D Nagy (2002)
Comparison of Turnip crinkle virus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase preparations expressed in Escherichia coli or derived from infected plants
Journal of Virology 76 (4),  p. 1707

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 2287-2297
Victor S. Mikhailov and George F. Rohrmann (2002)
Baculovirus replication factor LEF-1 is a DNA primase
Journal of Virology 76 (5),  p. 2287

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 2770-2779
Guangyun Lin and Gary W. Blissard (2002)
Analysis of an Autographa californica nucleopolyhedrovirus lef-11 knockout: LEF-11 is essential for viral DNA replication
Journal of Virology 76 (6),  p. 2770

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 3382-3387
Marilyn J. Roossinck (2002)
Evolutionary history of Cucumber Mosaic Virus deduced by phylogenetic analyses
Journal of Virology 76 (7),  p. 3382

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 3554-3557
Emese Huppert, Dénes Szilassy, Katalin Salánki, Zoltán Divéki and Ervin Balázs (2002)
Heterologous movement protein strongly modifies the infection phenotype of Cucumber mosaic virus
Journal of Virology 76 (7),  p. 3554

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 3974-3980
Vitaly Boyko, Jamie Alan Ashby, Elena Suslova, Jacqueline Ferralli, Oliver Sterthaus, Carl M. Deom and Manfred Heinlein (2002)
Intramolecular complementing mutations in Tobacco mosaic virus movement protein confirm a role for microtubule association in viral RNA transport
Journal of Virology 76 (8),  p. 3974

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 4119-4124
Yuh-Kun Chen, Rob Goldbach and Marcel Prins (2002)
Inter- and intramolecular recombinations in the Cucumber mosaic virus genome related to adaptation to alstroemeria
Journal of Virology 76 (8),  p. 4119

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 5503-5514
Guangyun Lin and Gary W. Blissard (2002)
Analysis of an Autographa californica multicapsid nucleopolyhedrovirus lef-6-null virus: LEF-6 is not essential for viral replication but appears to accelerate late gene transcription
Journal of Virology 76 (11),  p. 5503

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 5598-5604
Joseph A. Pathakamuri and David A. Theilmann (2002)
The acidic activation domain of the baculovirus transactivator IE1 contains a virus-specific domain essential for DNA replication
Journal of Virology 76 (11),  p. 5598

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 5605-5611
Gorben P. Pijlman, Jos C.F.M. Dortmans, Angela M.G. Vermeesch, Kai Yang, Dirk E. Martens, Rob W. Goldbach and Just M. Vlak (2002)
Pivotal role of the non-hr origin of DNA replication in the genesis of defective interfering baculoviruses
Journal of Virology 76 (11),  p. 5605

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 5729-5736
Oliver Lung, Marcel Westenberg, Just M. Vlak, Douwe Zuidema and Gary W. Blissard (2002)
Pseudotyping Autographa californica multicapsid nucleopolyhedrovirus (AcMNPV): F proteins from group II NPVs are functionally analogous to AcMNPV GP64
Journal of Virology 76 (11),  p. 5729

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 6114-6120
Jai-Hong Cheng, Chi-Weng Peng, Yau-Heiu Hsu and Ching-Hsiu Tsai (2002)
The synthesis of minus-strand RNA of bamboo mosaic potexvirus initiates from multiple sites within the poly(A) tail
Journal of Virology 76 (12),  p. 6114

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 6235-6243
Jan E. Carette, Kerstin Gühl, Joan Wellink and Ab Van Kammen (2002)
Coalescence of the sites of Cowpea mosaic virus RNA replication into a cytopathic structure
Journal of Virology 76 (12),  p. 6235

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 6815-6824
S. Pfeffer, P. Dunoyer, F. Heim, K.E. Richards, G. Jonard and V. Ziegler-Graff (2002)
P0 of Beet western yellows virus is a suppressor of posttranscriptional gene silencing
Journal of Virology 76 (13),  p. 6815

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 8747-8756
René C.L. Olsthoorn and John F. Bol (2002)
Role of an essential triloop hairpin and flanking structures in the 3' untranslated region of Alfalfa mosaic virus RNA in in vitro transcription
Journal of Virology 76 (17),  p. 8747

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 8808-8819
C. Ritzenthaler, C. Laporte, F. Gaire, P. Dunoyer, C. Schmitt, S. Duval, A. Piéquet, A.M. Loudes, O. Rohfritsch, C. Stussi-Garaud and P. Pfeiffer (2002)
Grapevine fanleaf virus replication occurs on endoplasmic reticulum-derived membranes
Journal of Virology 76 (17),  p. 8808

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 9260-9270
J.F. Kreuze, E.I. Savenkov and J.P.T. Valkonen (2002)
Complete genome sequence and analyses of the subgenomic RNAs of Sweet potato chlorotic stunt virus reveal several new features for the genus Crinivirus
Journal of Virology 76 (18),  p. 9260

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 9457-9464
Kappei Kobayashi, Seiji Tsuge, Livia Stavolone and Thomas Hohn (2002)
The Cauliflower mosaic virus virion-associated protein is dispensable for viral replication in single cells
Journal of Virology 76 (18),  p. 9457

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 9756-9762
Sijun Liu, Xiaohua He, Gyungsoon Park, Caroline Josefsson and Keith L. Perry (2002)
A conserved capsid protein surface domain of Cucumber mosaic virus is essential for efficient aphid vector transmission
Journal of Virology 76 (19),  p. 9756

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 10654-10664
Fabrizio Cillo, Ian M. Roberts and Peter Palukaitis (2002)
In situ localization and tissue distribution of the replication-associated proteins of Cucumber mosaic virus in tobacco and cucumber
Journal of Virology 76 (21),  p. 10654

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 11003-11011
Alexey I. Prokhnevsky, Valera V. Peremyslov, Alberto J. Napuli and Valerian V. Dolja (2002)
Interaction between long-distance transport factor and Hsp70-related movement protein of Beet yellows virus
Journal of Virology 76 (21),  p. 11003

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 11123-11127
Ilja Quadt, Daniela Mainz, Ruud Mans, Andreas Kremer and Dagmar Knebel-Mörsdorf (2002)
Baculovirus infection raises the level of TATA-binding protein that colocalizes with viral DNA replication sites
Journal of Virology 76 (21),  p. 11123

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 11748-11752
Yvan Chapdelaine, David Kirk, Aletta Karsies, Thomas Hohn and Denis Leclerc (2002)
Mutation of capsid protein phosphorylation sites abolishes Cauliflower mosaic virus infectivity
Journal of Virology 76 (22),  p. 11748

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 12250-12258
Valorie D. Bowman, Elaine S. Chase, Alexander W.E. Franz, Paul R. Chipman, Xing Zhang, Keith L. Perry, Timothy S. Baker and Thomas J. Smith (2002)
An antibody to the putative aphid recognition site on Cucumber mosaic virus recognizes pentons but not hexons
Journal of Virology 76 (23),  p. 12250

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 12281-12289
Taro Ohkawa, Annette R. Rowe and Loy E. Volkman (2002)
Identification of six Autographa californica multicapsid nucleopolyhedrovirus early genes that mediate nuclear localization of G-actin
Journal of Virology 76 (23),  p. 12281

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 12312-12319
Xiao-Zhen Liang, Andrew P. Lucy, Shou-Wei Ding and Sek-Man Wong (2002)
The p23 protein of Hibiscus chlorotic ringspot virus is indispensable for host-specific replication
Journal of Virology 76 (23),  p. 12312

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 12320-12324
Xiao-Zhen Liang, Bernett T.K. Lee and Sek-Man Wong (2002)
Covariation in the capsid protein of Hibiscus chlorotic ringspot virus induced by serial passaging in a host that restricts movement leads to avirulence in its systemic host
Journal of Virology 76 (23),  p. 12320

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 12646-12653
M. Rosario Fernández-Fernández, Jorge L. Martínez-Torrecuadrada, Fernando Roncal, Elvira Domínguez and Juan Antonio García (2002)
Identification of immunogenic hot spots within plum pox potyvirus capsid protein for efficient antigen presentation
Journal of Virology 76 (24),  p. 12646

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 12654-12662
R.C.L. Olsthoorn, A. Bruyere, A. Dzianott and J.J. Bujarski (2002)
RNA recombination in Brome mosaic virus: Effects of strand-specific stem-loop inserts
Journal of Virology 76 (24),  p. 12654

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 12747-12757
Jong-Won Park, Bénédicte Desvoyes and Herman B. Scholthof (2002)
Tomato bushy stunt virus genomic RNA accumulation is regulated by interdependent cis-acting elements within the movement protein open reading frames
Journal of Virology 76 (24),  p. 12747

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 12908-12916
Tomas Canto and Peter Palukaitis (2002)
Novel N gene-associated, temperature-independent resistance to the movement of Tobacco mosaic virus vectors neutralized by a Cucumber mosaic virus RNA1 transgene
Journal of Virology 76 (24),  p. 12908