Journal of Virology (1998)

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Articles of Journal of Virology entered for 1998:

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 358-365
Saskia A. Hogenhout, Frank van der Wilk, Martin Verbeek, Rob W. Goldbach and Johannes F.J.M. van den Heuvel (1998)
Potato leafroll virus binds to the equatorial domain of the aphid endosymbiotic GroEL homolog
Journal of Virology 72 (1),  p. 358

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 684-692
Elena A. Prikhod'ko and Lois K. Miller (1998)
Role of baculovirus IE2 and its RING finger in cell cycle arrest
Journal of Virology 72 (1),  p. 684

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 731-738
X. Ares, G. Calamante, S. Cabral, J. Lodge, P. Hemenway, R.N. Beachy and A. Mentaberry (1998)
Transgenic plants expressing potato virus X ORF2 protein (p24) are resistant to Tobacco mosaic virus and Ob tobamoviruses
Journal of Virology 72 (1),  p. 731

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 1122-1130
Peter D. Nagy and Jozef J. Bujarski (1998)
Silencing homologous RNA recombination hot spots with GC-rich sequences in Brome mosaic virus
Journal of Virology 72 (2),  p. 1122

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 1677-1682
Yukio Shirako (1998)
Non-AUG translation initiation in a plant RNA virus: a forty-amino-acid extension is added to the N terminus of the Soil-borne wheat mosaic virus capsid protein
Journal of Virology 72 (2),  p. 1677

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 2526-2531
Chi-Ju Chen, Martha E. Quentin, Lynn A. Brennan, Christine Kukel and Suzanne M. Thiem (1998)
Lymantria dispar nucleopolyhedrovirus hrf-1 expands the larval host range of Autographa californica nucleopolyhedrovirus
Journal of Virology 72 (3),  p. 2526

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 2991-2998
Ruud M.W. Mans and Dagmar Knebel-Mörsdorf (1998)
In vitro transcription of pe38/polyhedrin hybrid promoters reveals sequences essential for recognition by the baculovirus-induced RNA polymerase and for the strength of very late viral promoters
Journal of Virology 72 (4),  p. 2991

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 3107-3116
Victor S. Mikhailov, Alla L. Mikhailova, Masashi Iwanaga, Sumiko Gomi and Susumu Maeda (1998)
Bombyx mori nucleopolyhedrovirus encodes a DNA-binding protein capable of destabilizing duplex DNA
Journal of Virology 72 (4),  p. 3107

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 3227-3234
Maud M. Swanson, Patricia Ansel-McKinney, Felicia Houser-Scott, Vidadi Yusibov, L. Sue Loesch-Fries and Lee Gehrke (1998)
Viral coat protein peptides with limited sequence homology bind similar domains of Alfalfa mosaic virus and Tobacco streak virus RNAs
Journal of Virology 72 (4),  p. 3227

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 3377-3382
John W. Barrett, Andy J. Brownwright, Mark J. Primavera and Subba Reddy Palli (1998)
Studies of the nucleopolyhedrovirus infection process in insects by using the green fluorescence protein as a reporter
Journal of Virology 72 (4),  p. 3377

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 3965-3972
Birgit A.L.M. Deiman, A.K. Koenen, P.W.G. Verlaan and C.W.A. Pleij (1998)
Minimal template requirements for initiation of minus-strand synthesis in vitro by the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase of Turnip yellow mosaic virus
Journal of Virology 72 (5),  p. 3965

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 4072-4079
Ruth Haldeman-Cahill, José-Antonio Daròs and James C. Carrington (1998)
Secondary structures in the capsid protein coding sequence and 3' nontranslated region involved in amplification of the Tobacco etch virus genome
Journal of Virology 72 (5),  p. 4072

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 4157-4167
Mikhail M. Pooggin, Thomas Hohn and Johannes Fütterer (1998)
Forced evolution reveals the importance of short open reading frame A and secondary structure in the Cauliflower mosaic virus 35S RNA leader
Journal of Virology 72 (5),  p. 4157

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 4364-4370
Michael W. Kimmick, Boris N. Afanasiev, Barry J. Beaty and Jonathan O. Carlson (1998)
Gene expression and regulation from the p7 promoter of Aedes densonucleosis virus
Journal of Virology 72 (5),  p. 4364

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 4789-4797
Maolong Lu, Luc Swevers and Kostas Iatrou (1998)
The p95 gene of Bombyx mori nuclear polyhedrosis virus: temporal expression and functional properties
Journal of Virology 72 (6),  p. 4789

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 5061-5066
József Burgyan and Fernando García-Arenal (1998)
Template-idenpendent repair of the 3' end of Cucumber mosaic virus satellite RNA controlled by RNAs 1 and 2 of helper virus
Journal of Virology 72 (6),  p. 5061

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 5268-5270
Amit Gal-On, Eti Meiri, Benjamin Raccah and Victor Gaba (1998)
Recombination of engineered defective RNA species produces infective potyvirus in planta
Journal of Virology 72 (6),  p. 5268

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 5762-5768
Kyoji Hagiwara, Masahiro Tomita, Kenta Nakai, Jun Kobayashi, Shigetoshi Miyajima and Tetsuro Yoshimura (1998)
Determination of the nucleotide sequence of Bombyx mori cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus segment 9 and its expression in BmN4 cells
Journal of Virology 72 (7),  p. 5762

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 5845-5851
Sara K. Oster, Baodong Wu and K. Andrew White (1998)
Uncoupled expression of p33 and p92 permits amplification of Tomato bushy stunt virus RNAs
Journal of Virology 72 (7),  p. 5845

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 5870-5876
Valery V. Peremyslov, Yuka Hagiwara and Valerian V. Dolja (1998)
Genes required for replication of the 15.5-kilobase RNA genome of a plant closterovirus
Journal of Virology 72 (7),  p. 5870

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 6237-6243
Jane E. Eason, Robert H. Hice, Jeffrey J. Johnson and Brian A. Federici (1998)
Effects of substituting granulin or a granulin-polyhedrin chimera for polyhedrin on virion occlusion and polyhedral morphology in Autographa californica multinucleocapsid nuclear polyhedrosis virus
Journal of Virology 72 (7),  p. 6237

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 6247-6250
Kristin K. Wobbe, Muslum Akgoz, D'Maris Amick Dempsey and Daniel F. Klessig (1998)
A single amino acid change in Turnip crinkle virus movement protein p8 affects RNA binding and virulence of Arabidopsis thaliana
Journal of Virology 72 (7),  p. 6247

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 6251-6256
Zoltán Havelda, György Szittya and József Burgyán (1998)
Characterization of the molecular mechanism of defective interfering RNA-mediated symptom attenuation in tombusvirus-infected plants
Journal of Virology 72 (7),  p. 6251

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 6956-6959
Hong Wu Xin, Liang-Hui Ji, Simon W. Scott, Robert H. Symons and Shou-Wei Ding (1998)
Ilarviruses encode a cucumovirus-like 2b gene that is absent in other genera within the Bromoviridae
Journal of Virology 72 (8),  p. 6956

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 7057-7063
Christian H. Gross and Stewart Shuman (1998)
Characterization of a baculovirus-encoded RNA 5'-triphosphatase
Journal of Virology 72 (9),  p. 7057

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 7160-7169
Erin K. O'Reilly, Zhaohui Wang, Roy French and C. Cheng Kao (1998)
Interactions between the structural domains of the RNA replication proteins of plant-infecting RNA viruses
Journal of Virology 72 (9),  p. 7160

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 7397-7406
S. Ambros, C. Hernández, J.C. Desvignes and R. Flores (1998)
Genomic structure of three phenotypically different isolates of Peach latent mosaic viroid: Implications of the existence of constraints limiting the heterogeneity of viroid quasispecies
Journal of Virology 72 (9),  p. 7397

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 7484-7493
Sudip Ghosh, Anjali Jain, Bipasha Mukherjee, Saman Habib and Seyed E. Hasnain (1998)
The host factor polyhedrin promoter binding protein (PPBP) is involved in transcription from the baculovirus polyhedrin gene promoter
Journal of Virology 72 (9),  p. 7484

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 7985-7991
Linda A. Guarino, Bin Xu, Jianping Jin and Wen Dong (1998)
A virus-encoded RNA polymerase purified from baculovirus-infected cells
Journal of Virology 72 (10),  p. 7985

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 8316-8320
Jeanmarie Verchot, Susan M. Angell and David C. Baulcombe (1998)
In vivo translation of the triple gene block of Potato virus X requires two subgenomic mRNAs
Journal of Virology 72 (10),  p. 8316

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 8541-8549
Guangying Lu, Z. Hong Zhou, Matthew L. Baker, Joanita Jakana, Deyou Cai, Xincheng Wei, Shengxiang Chen, Xiaocheng Gu and Wah Chiu (1998)
Structure of double-shelled Rice dwarf virus
Journal of Virology 72 (11),  p. 8541

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 8731-8737
Motoyasu Yoshii, Norimichi Yoshioka, Masayuki Ishikawa and Satoshi Naito (1998)
Isolation of an Arabidopsis thaliana mutant in which the multiplication of both Cucumber mosaic virus and Turnip crinkle virus is affected
Journal of Virology 72 (11),  p. 8731

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 9142-9149
Margot N. Pearson and George F. Rohrmann (1998)
Characterization of a baculovirus-encoded ATP-dependent DNA ligase
Journal of Virology 72 (11),  p. 9142

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 9157-9165
Jin Ching Lee, Hong-Hwa Chen and Yu-Chan Chao (1998)
Persistent baculovirus infection results from deletion of the apoptotic suppressor gene p35
Journal of Virology 72 (11),  p. 9157

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 9192-9200
M. Figlerowicz, P.D. Nagy, N. Tang, C.C. Kao and J.J. Bujarski (1998)
Mutations in the N terminus of the Brome mosaic virus polymerase affect genetic RNA-RNA recombination
Journal of Virology 72 (11),  p. 9192

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 9247-9256
Shenwei Qin, Brian M. Ward and Sondra G. Lazarowitz (1998)
The bipartite geminivirus coat protein aids BR1 function in viral movement by affecting the accumulation of viral single-stranded DNA
Journal of Virology 72 (11),  p. 9247

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 9370-9373
Toshihiro Omura, Jin Yan, Boxiong Zhong, Masato Wada, Yafeng Zhu, Masatoshi Tomaru, Wakako Maruyama, Akira Kikuchi, Yasuo Watanabe, Ikuo Kimura and Hiroyuki Hibino (1998)
The P2 protein of rice dwarf phytoreovirus is required for adsorption of the virus to cells of the insect vector
Journal of Virology 72 (11),  p. 9370

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 9459-9469
Donald L. Jarvis, Liz Wills, Gloria Burow and Dwight A. Bohlmeyer (1998)
Mutational analysis of the N-linked glycans on Autographa californica nucleopolyhedrovirus gp64
Journal of Virology 72 (12),  p. 9459

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 9897-9905
Baodong Wu and K. Andrew White (1998)
Formation and amplification of a novel Tombusvirus defective RNA which lacks the 5' nontranslated region of the viral genome
Journal of Virology 72 (12),  p. 9897

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 10003-10010
Linda A. Guarino, Jianping Jin and Wen Dong (1998)
Guanylyltransferase activity of the LEF-4 subunit of baculovirus RNA polymerase
Journal of Virology 72 (12),  p. 10003

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 10011-10019
Jian-Ping Jin, Wen Dong and Linda A. Guarino (1998)
The LEF-4 subunit of baculovirus RNA polymerase has RNA 5'-triphosphatase and ATPase activities
Journal of Virology 72 (12),  p. 10011

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 10020-10028
Christian H. Gross and Stewart Shuman (1998)
RNA 5'-triphosphatase, nucleoside triphosphatase, and guanylyltransferase activities of baculovirus LEF-4 protein
Journal of Virology 72 (12),  p. 10020

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 10050-10057
E. Noris, A.M. Vaira, P. Caciagli, V. Masenga, B. Gronenborn and G.P. Accotto (1998)
Amino acids in the capsid protein of Tomato yellow leaf curl virus that are crucial for systemic infection, particle formation, and insect transmission
Journal of Virology 72 (12),  p. 10050

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 10093-10099
Yi-Ija Li, Yueh-Mei Cheng, Yih-Leh Huang, Ching-Hsiu Tsai, Yau-Heiu Hsu and Menghsiao Meng (1998)
Identification and characterization of the Escherichia coli-expressed RNA-dependent RNA polymerase of Bamboo mosaic virus
Journal of Virology 72 (12),  p. 10093

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 10197-10206
Jeffrey C. Rapp, Joyce A. Wilson and Lois K. Miller (1998)
Nineteen baculovirus open reading frames, including LEF-12, support late gene expression
Journal of Virology 72 (12),  p. 10197

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 10207-10212
Carole J. Thomas, Helen L. Brown, Chris R. Hawes, Bum Yong Lee, Mi-Kyung Min, Linda A. King and Robert D. Possee (1998)
Localization of a baculovirus-induced chitinase in the insect cell endoplasmic reticulum
Journal of Virology 72 (12),  p. 10207