Journal of Virology (1997)

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Articles of Journal of Virology entered for 1997:

Journal of Virology (1997) 71, 5040-5050
Julie A. Olszewski and L.K. Miller (1997)
Identification and characterization of a baculovirus structural protein, VP1054, required for nucleocapsid formation
Journal of Virology 71 (7),  p. 5040

Journal of Virology (1997) 71, 7246-7252
J.S. Salas-Benito and R.M. del Angel (1997)
Identification of two surface proteins from C6/36 cells that bind dengue type 4 virus
Journal of Virology 71 (10),  p. 7246

Journal of Virology (1997) 71, 8019-8023
M. Tomaru, W. Maruyama, A. Kikuchi, J. Yan, Y. Zhu, N. Suzuki, M. Isogai, Y. Oguma, I. Kimura and T. Omura (1997)
The loss of outer capsid protein P2 results in nontransmissibility by the insect vector of rice dwarf phytoreovirus
Journal of Virology 71 (10),  p. 8019