Journal of Virology (1995)

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Articles of Journal of Virology entered for 1995:

Journal of Virology (1995) 69, 131-140
P.D. Nagy and J.J. Bujarski (1995)
Efficient system of homologous RNA recombination in Brome mosaic virus: sequence and structure requirements and accuracy of crossovers
Journal of Virology 69 (1),  p. 131

Journal of Virology (1995) 69, 156-165
S.S. Pullen and P.D. Friesen (1995)
Early transcription of the ie-1 transregulator gene of Autographa californica nuclear polyhedrosis virus is regulated by DNA sequences within its 5' noncoding leader region
Journal of Virology 69 (1),  p. 156

Journal of Virology (1995) 69, 213-221
M.N. Pearson and G.F. Rohrmann (1995)
Lymantria dispar nuclear polyhedrosis virus homologous regions: characterization of their ability to function as replication origins
Journal of Virology 69 (1),  p. 213

Journal of Virology (1995) 69, 916-922
M.E. Taliansky and F. Garcia-Arenal (1995)
Role of cucumovirus capsid protein in long-distance movement within the infected plant
Journal of Virology 69 (2),  p. 916

Journal of Virology (1995) 69, 968-974
J.W. Todd, A.L. Passarelli and L.K. Miller (1995)
Eighteen baculovirus genes, including lef-11, p35, 39K, and p47, support late gene expression
Journal of Virology 69 (2),  p. 968

Journal of Virology (1995) 69, 975-982
A. Lu and L.K. Miller (1995)
The roles of eighteen baculovirus late expression factor genes in transcription and DNA replication
Journal of Virology 69 (2),  p. 975

Journal of Virology (1995) 69, 1452-1461
P.H. Kogan, X. Chen and G.W. Blissard (1995)
Overlapping TATA-dependent and TATA-independent early promoter activities in the baculovirus gp64 envelope fusion protein gene
Journal of Virology 69 (3),  p. 1452

Journal of Virology (1995) 69, 1485-1492
W. De Jong and P. Ahlquist (1995)
Host-specific alterations in viral RNA accumulation and infection spread in a Brome mosaic virus isolate with an expanded host range
Journal of Virology 69 (3),  p. 1485

Journal of Virology (1995) 69, 1951-1954
B.C. Ramirez, D. Garcin, L.A. Calvert, D. Kolakofsky and A.L. Haenni (1995)
Capped nonviral sequences at the 5' end of the mRNAs of Rice hoja blanca virus RNA4
Journal of Virology 69 (3),  p. 1951

Journal of Virology (1995) 69, 2547-2556
P.D. Nagy, A. Dzianott, P. Ahlquist and J.J. Bujarski (1995)
Mutations in the helicase-like domain of protein 1a alter the sites of RNA-RNA recombination in Brome mosaic virus
Journal of Virology 69 (4),  p. 2547

Journal of Virology (1995) 69, 2583-2595
S.A. Monsma and G.W. Blissard (1995)
Identification of a membrane fusion domain and an oligomerization domain in the baculovirus GP64 envelope fusion protein
Journal of Virology 69 (4),  p. 2583