Journal of Applied Entomology - Zeitschrift für angewandte Entomologie (2001) 125, 571-575

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Ch. Ulrichs, I. Mewis and W.H. Schnitzler (2001)
Efficacy of neem and diatomaceous earth against cowpea aphids and their deleterious effect on predating Coccinelidae
Journal of Applied Entomology - Zeitschrift für angewandte Entomologie 125 (9-10), 571-575
Abstract: Philippine vegetable farmers commonly use synthetic insecticides to control insect pests on yardlong beans (Vigna unguiculata ssp. sesquipedalis). An important pest on yardlong beans is the cowpea aphid, Aphis craccivora Koch. Overuse of chemical insecticides and the adverse consequences for farmer health and for the environment have been reported. The natural enemies of A. craccivora, such as the coccinelidae beetle, Menochilus sexmaculatus (Fabr.), do not provide economic control on their own. In the present study the efficacy of the biological insecticide neem (both commercial and homemade) alone, and in combination with diatomaceous earth against A. craccivora was evaluated. The same insecticides were also examined to investigate their deleterious effect on M. sexmaculatus. The efficacies of different treatments with biological insecticides were compared with the use of the synthetic insecticide Hostathion (triazophos). Experiments were conducted under Philippine lowland conditions during the dry season when the occurrence of pest problems in yardlong beans is very great. Commercial neem, NeemAzal-T/S (Trifolio-M GmbH, Lahnau, Germany), significantly reduced the number of A. craccivora. NeemAzal-T/S and diatomaceous earth in combination produced the best control of A. craccivora and were less toxic to M. sexmaculatus than treatment with Hostathion (triazophos). Aqueous homemade neem solution did not control the A. craccivora populations.
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Aphis craccivora Cowpea and relatives (Vigna) Philippines
Cheilomenes sexmaculata (predator) Aphis craccivora Cowpea and relatives (Vigna) Philippines