IMA Fungus (2016) 7, 309-315

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Alistair R. McTaggart, Roger G. Shivas, Teun Boekhout, Franz Oberwinkler, Kálmán Vánky, Shaun R. Pennycook and Dominik Begerow (2016)
Mycosarcoma (Ustilaginaceae), a resurrected generic name for corn smut (Ustilago maydis) and its close relatives with hypertrophied, tubular sori
IMA Fungus 7 (2), 309-315
Abstract: Ustilago is a polyphyletic genus of smut fungi found mainly on Poaceae. The development of a taxonomy that reflects phylogeny requires subdivision of Ustilago into smaller monophyletic genera. Several separate systematic analyses have determined that Macalpinomyces mackinlayi, M. tubiformis, Tolyposporella pachycarpa, Ustilago bouriquetii and U. maydis, occupy a unique phylogenetic position within the Ustilaginaceae. A previously introduced monotypic generic name typified by U. maydis, Mycosarcoma, is available to accommodate these species, which resolves one component of polyphyly for Ustilago s. lat. in Ustilaginaceae. An emended description of Mycosarcoma is provided to reflect the morphological synapomorphies of this monophyletic group. A specimen of Ustilago maydis that has had its genome sequenced is designated as a neotype for this species. Taxonomic stability will further be provided by a forthcoming proposal to conserve the name Uredo maydis over Lycoperdon zeae, which has priority by date, in order to preserve the well-known epithet maydis.
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