IMA Fungus (2016) 7, 1-7

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Amy Y. Rossman, W. Cavan Allen and Lisa A. Castlebury (2016)
New combinations of plant-associated fungi resulting from the change to one name for fungi
IMA Fungus 7 (1), 1-7
Abstract: In advancing to one scientific name for each fungus species, a number of name changes are required especially for plant-associated fungi. These include species names that are not in the correct genus. For example, the generic name Elsinoë is used for fungi causing scab diseases but a number of these species were described in the asexually typified genus Sphaceloma and must be placed in Elsinoë. In other cases species names were determined to be unrelated to the type species of the genus in which they are currently placed and are placed in a more appropriate genus. For each new name the history, rationale and importance of the name is discussed. The following new combinations are made: Acanthohelicospora aurea, A. scopula, Bifusella ahmadii, Botryobasidium capitatum, B. rubiginosum, Colletotrichum magnum, Crandallia acuminata, C. antarctica, Elsinoë arachadis, E. freyliniae, E. necator, E. perseae, E. poinsettiae, E. punicae, Entyloma gibbum, Harknessia farinosa, Passalora alocasiae, Protoventuria veronicae, Pseudocercosporella ranunculi, Psiloglonium stygium, Ramularia pseudomaculiformis, Seimatosporium tostum, Thielaviopsis radicicola combs. nov., and Venturia effusa.
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Venturia effusa
Elsinoë perseae
Elsinoë veneta
Elsinoë arachidis
Colletotrichum magnum
Thielaviopsis radicicola