Fungal Diversity (2013) 61, 29-59

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Ulrike Damm, Paul F. Cannon, Fang Liu, Robert W. Barreto, Eduardo Guatimosim and Pedro W. Crous (2013)
The Colletotrichum orbiculare species complex: Important pathogens of field crops and weeds
Fungal Diversity 61, 29-59
Abstract: Colletotrichum orbiculare causes anthracnose of Cucurbitaceae and is phylogenetically closely related to pathogens of several other herbaceous hosts belonging to the Asteraceae, Fabaceae and Malvaceae. Most of them are known for their hemibiotrophic infection strategy and as destructive pathogens either of field crops or weeds. In order to study the phylogenetic relationships of these fungi, a multilocus analysis (ITS, GAPDH, CHS-1, HIS3, ACT, TUB2, GS) of 42 strains of C. orbiculare and related species was conducted. The analysis resulted in nine clades that confirmed the four species previously known as belonging to this species complex, C. lindemuthianum, C. malvarum, C. orbiculare and C. trifolii, and recognised four new species from weeds, namely C. bidentis, C. sidae, C. spinosum and C. tebeestii. The name C. orbiculare itself is widely used in plant pathology and science, but is invalid according to current nomenclatural rules. Therefore we described a new species with the same epithet and a type specimen that agrees with our current understanding of this species, and is linked to a living culture. Following the recent epitypification of C. lindemuthianum, we chose appropriate specimens with associated strains to serve as epitypes of C. malvarum and C. trifolii, and selected an authentic specimen of C. trifolii as lectotype.
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Colletotrichum orbiculare
Colletotrichum lindemuthianum
Colletotrichum trifolii
Colletotrichum malvarum
Colletotrichum bidentis (weed pathogen)