Fungal Diversity (2012) 56, 173-187

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Mee-Hua Wong, Pedro W. Crous, Juliane Henderson, Johannes Z. Groenewald and Andre Drenth (2012)
Phyllosticta species associated with freckle disease of banana
Fungal Diversity 56, 173-187
Abstract: The identity of the casual agent of freckle disease of banana was investigated. The pathogen is generally referred to in literature under its teleomorphic name, Guignardia musae, or that of its purported anamorph, Phyllosticta musarum. Based on morphological and molecular data from a global set of banana specimens, several species were found associated with freckle disease. Phyllosticta maculata (from Southeast Asia and Oceania) is introduced as a new name for Guignardia musae, and an epitype is designated from Australia. Phyllosticta musarum (from India and Thailand) is shown to represent a distinct species, and the name is fixed by designation of an epitype from India. Guignardia stevensii is confirmed as distinct species from Hawaii, while Guignardia musicola from northern Thailand is shown to contain different taxa and is regarded as nomen confusum. Phyllosticta cavendishii is described as a new, widely distributed species, appearing primarily on Cavendish, but also on non-Cavendish banana cultivars.
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Phyllosticta maculata Banana/plantain (Musa)
Phyllosticta musarum Banana/plantain (Musa) Thailand
Phyllosticta musarum Banana/plantain (Musa) India
Phyllosticta cavendishii Banana/plantain (Musa)