Environmental Microbiology (2015)

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Articles of Environmental Microbiology entered for 2015:

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 4164-4176
Pablo M. Yaryura, Valeria P. Conforte, Florencia Malamud, Roxana Roeschlin, Verónica de Pino, Atilio P. Castagnaro, Yvonne McCarthy, J. Maxwell Dow, María R. Marano and Adrián A. Vojnov (2015)
XbmR, a new transcription factor involved in the regulation of chemotaxis, biofilm formation and virulence in Xanthomonas citri subsp. citri
Environmental Microbiology 17 (11),  p. 4164

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 4213-4238
Zhangjiang He, Suhong Zhang, Nemat O. Keyhani, Yulin Song, Shuaishuai Huang, Yan Pei and Yongjun Zhang (2015)
A novel mitochondrial membrane protein, Ohmm, limits fungal oxidative stress resistance and virulence in the insect fungal pathogen Beauveria bassiana
Environmental Microbiology 17 (11),  p. 4213

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 4253-4270
Tiyakhon Chatnaparat, Zhong Li, Schuyler S. Korban and Youfu Zhao (2015)
The bacterial alarmone (p)ppGpp is required for virulence and controls cell size and survival of Pseudomonas syringae on plants
Environmental Microbiology 17 (11),  p. 4253

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 4415-4428
Sébastien Bontemps-Gallo, Edwige Madec and Jean-Marie Lacroix (2015)
The two-component system CpxAR is essential for virulence in the phytopathogen bacteria Dickeya dadantii EC3937
Environmental Microbiology 17 (11),  p. 4415

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 4429-4442
A. Leduc, Y.N. Traoré, K. Boyer, M. Magne, P. Grygiel, C.C. Juhasz, C. Boyer, F. Guerin, I. Wonni, L. Ouedraogo, C. Vernière, V. Ravigné and O. Pruvost (2015)
Bridgehead invasion of a monomorphic plant pathogenic bacterium: Xanthomonas citri pv. citri, an emerging citrus pathogen in Mali and Burkina Faso
Environmental Microbiology 17 (11),  p. 4429

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 4443-4458
Adrian Pelin, Mohammed Selman, Stéphane Aris-Brosou, Laurent Farinelli and Nicolas Corradi (2015)
Genome analyses suggest the presence of polyploidy and recent human-driven expansions in eight global populations of the honeybee pathogen Nosema ceranae
Environmental Microbiology 17 (11),  p. 4443

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 4484-4494
Jiyoung Kim, Hyesung Park, Jae-Gu Han, Junsang Oh, Hyung-Kyoon Choi, Seong Hwan Kim and Gi-Ho Sung (2015)
Regulation of a phenylalanine ammonia lyase (BbPAL) by calmodulin in response to environmental changes in the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana
Environmental Microbiology 17 (11),  p. 4484

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 4495-4510
Xiao-Hong Liu, Si-Miao Chen, Hui-Min Gao, Guo-Ao Ning, Huan-Bin Shi, Yao Wang, Bo Dong, Yao-Yao Qi, Dong-Mei Zhang, Guo-Dong Lu, Zong-Hua Wang, Jie Zhou and Fu-Cheng Lin (2015)
The small GTPase MoYpt7 is required for membrane fusion in autophagy and pathogenicity of Magnaporthe oryzae
Environmental Microbiology 17 (11),  p. 4495

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 4580-4599
Huawei Zheng, Wenhui Zheng, Congxian Wu, Jie Yang, Yang Xi, Qiurong Xie, Xu Zhao, Xiaolong Deng, Guodong Lu, Guangpu Li, Daniel Ebbole, Jie Zhou and Zonghua Wang (2015)
Rab GTPases are essential for membrane trafficking-dependent growth and pathogenicity in Fusarium graminearum
Environmental Microbiology 17 (11),  p. 4580

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 4600-4614
Yanhua Fan, Almudena Ortiz-Urquiza, Timothy Garrett, Yan Pei and Nemat O. Keyhani (2015)
Involvement of a caleosin in lipid storage, spore dispersal, and virulence in the entomopathogenic filamentous fungus, Beauveria bassiana
Environmental Microbiology 17 (11),  p. 4600

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 4615-4630
Ye Liu, Na Liu, Yanni Yin, Yun Chen, Jinhua Jiang and Zhonghua Ma (2015)
Histone H3K4 methylation regulates hyphal growth, secondary metabolism and multiple stress responses in Fusarium graminearum
Environmental Microbiology 17 (11),  p. 4615

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 4646-4658
Lian Zhou, Xing-Yu Wang, Shuang Sun, Li-Chao Yang, Bo-Le Jiang and Ya-Wen He (2015)
Identification and characterization of naturally occurring DSF-family quorum sensing signal turnover system in the phytopathogen Xanthomonas
Environmental Microbiology 17 (11),  p. 4646

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 4672-4689
Joon-Hee Han, Hye-Min Lee, Jong-Hwan Shin, Yong-Hwan Lee and Kyoung Su Kim (2015)
Role of the MoYAK1 protein kinase gene in Magnaporthe oryzae development and pathogenicity
Environmental Microbiology 17 (11),  p. 4672

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 4711-4729
Yi Lou, Yongchao Han, Long Yang, Mingde Wu, Jing Zhang, Jiasen Cheng, Moying Wang, Daohong Jiang, Weidong Chen and Guoqing Li (2015)
CmpacC regulates mycoparasitism, oxalate degradation and antifungal activity in the mycoparasitic fungus Coniothyrium minitans
Environmental Microbiology 17 (11),  p. 4711

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 4730-4744
Bhanupratap R. Vanga, Pavithra Ramakrishnan, Ruth C. Butler, Ian K. Toth, Clive W. Ronson, Jeanne M.E. Jacobs and Andrew R. Pitman (2015)
Mobilization of horizontally acquired island 2 is induced in planta in the phytopathogen Pectobacterium atrosepticum SCRI1043 and involves the putative relaxase ECA0613 and quorum sensing
Environmental Microbiology 17 (11),  p. 4730

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 4764-4778
T.H. Mauchline, D. Chedom-Fotso, G. Chandra, T. Samuels, N. Greenaway, A. Backhaus, V. McMillan, G. Canning, S.J. Powers, K.E. Hammond-Kosack, P.R. Hirsch, I.M. Clark, Z. Mehrabi, J. Roworth, J. Burnell and J.G. Malone (2015)
An analysis of Pseudomonas genomic diversity in take-all infected wheat fields reveals the lasting impact of wheat cultivars on the soil microbiota
Environmental Microbiology 17 (11),  p. 4764

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 969-983
Vincent Doublet, Maureen Labarussias, Joachim R. de Miranda, Robin F.A. Moritz and Robert J. Paxton (2015)
Bees under stress: sublethal doses of a neonicotinoid pesticide and pathogens interact to elevate honey bee mortality across the life cycle
Environmental Microbiology 17 (4),  p. 969

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 1103-1118
Mónica G. Malmierca, Javier Barua, Susan P. McCormick, Inmaculada Izquierdo-Bueno, Rosa E. Cardoza, Nancy J. Alexander, Rosa Hermosa, Isidro G. Collado, Enrique Monte and Santiago Gutiérrez (2015)
Novel aspinolide production by Trichoderma arundinaceum with a potential role in Botrytis cinerea antagonistic activity and plant defence priming
Environmental Microbiology 17 (4),  p. 1103

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 1119-1133
Lei Qiu, Juan-Juan Wang, Sheng-Hua Ying and Ming-Guang Feng (2015)
Wee1 and Cdc25 control morphogenesis, virulence and multistress tolerance of Beauveria bassiana by balancing cell cycle-required cyclin-dependent kinase 1 activity
Environmental Microbiology 17 (4),  p. 1119

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 1166-1188
Qin Han, Fengli Wu, Xiaonan Wang, Hong Qi, Liang Shi, Ang Ren, Qinghai Liu, Mingwen Zhao and Canming Tang (2015)
The bacterial lipopeptide iturins induce Verticillium dahliae cell death by affecting fungal signalling pathways and mediate plant defence responses involved in pathogen-associated molecular pattern-triggered immunity
Environmental Microbiology 17 (4),  p. 1166

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 1189-1202
Zhibing Luo, Yujie Li, Jarrod Mousa, Steven Bruner, Yongjun Zhang, Yan Pei and Nemat O. Keyhani (2015)
Bbmsn2 acts as a pH-dependent negative regulator of secondary metabolite production in the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana
Environmental Microbiology 17 (4),  p. 1189

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 1245-1260
Cong Jiang, Shijie Zhang, Qiang Zhang, Yin Tao, Chenfang Wang and Jin-Rong Xu (2015)
FgSKN7 and FgATF1 have overlapping functions in ascosporogenesis, pathogenesis and stress responses in Fusarium graminearum
Environmental Microbiology 17 (4),  p. 1245

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 1261-1274
Anne-Sophie Walker, Pierre Gladieux, Véronique Decognet, Marc Fermaud, Johann Confais, Jean Roudet, Marc Bardin, Alexandre Bout, Philippe C. Nicot, Christine Poncet and Elisabeth Fournier (2015)
Population structure and temporal maintenance of the multihost fungal pathogen Botrytis cinerea: causes and implications for disease management
Environmental Microbiology 17 (4),  p. 1261

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 1300-1309
Tamara Gómez-Moracho, Carolina Bartolomé, Raquel Martín-Hernández, Mariano Higes and Xulio Maside (2015)
Evidence for weak genetic recombination at the PTP2 locus of Nosema ceranae
Environmental Microbiology 17 (4),  p. 1300

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 1351-1364
Yuting Sheng, Yonglin Wang, Harold J.G. Meijer, Xinyu Yang, Chenlei Hua, Wenwu Ye, Kai Tao, Xiaoyun Liu, Francine Govers and Yuanchao Wang (2015)
The heat shock transcription factor PsHSF1 of Phytophthora sojae is required for oxidative stress tolerance and detoxifying the plant oxidative burst
Environmental Microbiology 17 (4),  p. 1351

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 1365-1376
Kazuo Kobayashi (2015)
Plant methyl salicylate induces defense responses in the rhizobacterium Bacillus subtilis
Environmental Microbiology 17 (4),  p. 1365

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 1377-1396
Wei Tang, Yanyan Ru, Li Hong, Qian Zhu, Rongfang Zuo, Xianxian Guo, Jingzhen Wang, Haifeng Zhang, Xiaobo Zheng, Ping Wang and Zhengguang Zhang (2015)
System-wide characterization of bZIP transcription factor proteins involved in infection-related morphogenesis of Magnaporthe oryzae
Environmental Microbiology 17 (4),  p. 1377

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 1414-1424
Barbara J. Morrissey, Thorunn Helgason, Lena Poppinga, Anne Fünfhaus, Elke Genersch and Giles E. Budge (2015)
Biogeography of Paenibacillus larvae, the causative agent of American foulbrood, using a new multilocus sequence typing scheme
Environmental Microbiology 17 (4),  p. 1414

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 1425-1443
Sunghyung Kong, Sook-Young Park and Yong-Hwan Lee (2015)
Systematic characterization of the bZIP transcription factor gene family in the rice blast fungus, Magnaporthe oryzae
Environmental Microbiology 17 (4),  p. 1425

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 1444-1462
Qian Liu, Jin-Gen Li, Sheng-Hua Ying, Juan-Juan Wang, Wen-Liang Sun, Chao-Guang Tian and Ming-Guang Feng (2015)
Unveiling equal importance of two 14-3-3 proteins for morphogenesis, conidiation, stress tolerance and virulence of an insect pathogen
Environmental Microbiology 17 (4),  p. 1444

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 2099-2113
Isabelle Benoit, Marielle H. van den Esker, Aleksandrina Patyshakuliyeva, Derek J. Mattern, Felix Blei, Miaomiao Zhou, Jan Dijksterhuis, Axel A. Brakhage, Oscar P. Kuipers, Ronald P. de Vries and Ákos T. Kovács (2015)
Bacillus subtilis attachment to Aspergillus niger hyphae results in mutually altered metabolism
Environmental Microbiology 17 (6),  p. 2099

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 2562-2572
Michael Poulsen (2015)
Towards an integrated understanding of the consequences of fungus domestication on the fungus-growing termite gut microbiota
Environmental Microbiology 17 (8),  p. 2562

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 2588-2600
Elisabeth Varga, Gerlinde Wiesenberger, Christian Hametner, Todd J. Ward, Yanhong Dong, Denise Schöfbeck, Susan McCormick, Karen Broz, Romana Stückler, Rainer Schuhmacher, Rudolf Krska, H. Corby Kistler, Franz Berthiller and Gerhard Adam (2015)
New tricks of an old enemy: isolates of Fusarium graminearum produce a type A trichothecene mycotoxin
Environmental Microbiology 17 (8),  p. 2588

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 2601-2617
Yulin Cheng, Xiaojie Wang, Juanni Yao, Ralf T. Voegele, Yanru Zhang, Wumei Wang, Lili Huang and Zhensheng Kang (2015)
Characterization of protein kinase PsSRPKL, a novel pathogenicity factor in the wheat stripe rust fungus
Environmental Microbiology 17 (8),  p. 2601

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 2628-2646
Mónica G. Malmierca, Susan P. McCormick, Rosa E. Cardoza, Nancy J. Alexander, Enrique Monte and Santiago Gutiérrez (2015)
Production of trichodiene by Trichoderma harzianum alters the perception of this biocontrol strain by plants and antagonized fungi
Environmental Microbiology 17 (8),  p. 2628

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 2735-2746
Chengqi Zhang, Yun Chen, Yanni Yin, Huan-Hong Ji, Won-Bo Shim, Yiping Hou, Mingguo Zhou, Xiang-Dong Li and Zhonghua Ma (2015)
A small molecule species specifically inhibits Fusarium myosin I
Environmental Microbiology 17 (8),  p. 2735

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 2791-2804
Ryan M. Kepler, Todd A. Ugine, Jude E. Maul, Michel A. Cavigelli and Stephen A. Rehner (2015)
Community composition and population genetics of insect pathogenic fungi in the genus Metarhizium from soils of a long-term agricultural research system
Environmental Microbiology 17 (8),  p. 2791

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 2805-2823
Selim Omrane, Hind Sghyer, Colette Audéon, Catherine Lanen, Clémentine Duplaix, Anne-Sophie Walker and Sabine Fillinger (2015)
Fungicide efflux and the MgMFS1 transporter contribute to the multidrug resistance phenotype in Zymoseptoria tritici field isolates
Environmental Microbiology 17 (8),  p. 2805

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 2824-2840
Dylan P.G. Short, Suraj Gurung, Pierre Gladieux, Patrik Inderbitzin, Zahi K. Atallah, Franco Nigro, Guoqing Li, Seher Benlioglu and Krishna V. Subbarao (2015)
Globally invading populations of the fungal plant pathogen Verticillium dahliae are dominated by multiple divergent lineages
Environmental Microbiology 17 (8),  p. 2824

Environmental Microbiology (2015) 17, 3139-3153
M. Mercedes Maldonado-González, Elisabetta Schilirò, Pilar Prieto and Jesús Mercado-Blanco (2015)
Endophytic colonization and biocontrol performance of Pseudomonas fluorescens PICF7 in olive (Olea europaea L.) are determined neither by pyoverdine production nor swimming motility
Environmental Microbiology 17 (9),  p. 3139