Environmental Microbiology (2012)

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Articles of Environmental Microbiology entered for 2012:

Environmental Microbiology (2012) 14, 817-829
Gang Zhou, Jie Wang, Lei Qiu and Ming-Guang Feng (2012)
A Group III histidine kinase (mhk1) upstream of high-osmolarity glycerol pathway regulates sporulation, multi-stress tolerance and virulence of Metarhizium robertsii, a fungal entomopathogen
Environmental Microbiology 14 (3),  p. 817

Environmental Microbiology (2012) 14, 845-859
Cristina Botías, Raquel Martín-Hernández, Joyce Días, Pilar García-Palencia, María Matabuena, Ángeles Juarranz, Laura Barrios, Aránzazu Meana, Antonio Nanetti and Mariano Higes (2012)
The effect of induced queen replacement on Nosema spp. infection in honey bee (Apis mellifera iberiensis) colonies
Environmental Microbiology 14 (4),  p. 845

Environmental Microbiology (2012) 14, 924-939
Darby R. Sugar, Kristen E. Murfin, John M. Chaston, Aaron W. Andersen, Gregory R. Richards, Limaris deLéon, James A. Baum, William P. Clinton, Steven Forst, B.S. Goldman, K.C. Krasomil-Osterfeld, S. Slater, S.P. Stock and H. Goodrich-Blair (2012)
Phenotypic variation and host interactions of Xenorhabdus bovienii SS-2004, the entomopathogenic symbiont of Steinernema jollieti nematodes
Environmental Microbiology 14 (4),  p. 924

Environmental Microbiology (2012) 14, 940-952
Holger Meschke, Stefan Walter and Hildgund Schrempf (2012)
Characterization and localization of prodiginines from Streptomyces lividans suppressing Verticillium dahliae in the absence or presence of Arabidopsis thaliana
Environmental Microbiology 14 (4),  p. 940

Environmental Microbiology (2012) 14, 953-966
Catherine A. Easom and David J. Clarke (2012)
HdfR is a regulator in Photorhabdus luminescens that modulates metabolism and symbiosis with the nematode Heterorhabditis
Environmental Microbiology 14 (4),  p. 953

Environmental Microbiology (2012) 14, 1159-1170
Jens Laurids Sørensen, Frederik Teilfeldt Hansen, Teis Esben Sondergaard, Dan Staerk, T. Verne Lee, Reinhard Wimmer, Louise Graabæk Klitgaard, Stig Purup, Henriette Giese and Rasmus John Normand Frandsen (2012)
Production of novel fusarielins by ectopic activation of the polyketide synthase 9 cluster in Fusarium graminearum
Environmental Microbiology 14 (5),  p. 1159

Environmental Microbiology (2012) 14, 1284-1295
Elena R. Toenshoff, Daniela Gruber and Matthias Horn (2012)
Co-evolution and symbiont replacement shaped the symbiosis between adelgids (Hemiptera: Adelgidae) and their bacterial symbionts
Environmental Microbiology 14 (5),  p. 1284

Environmental Microbiology (2012) 14, 2099-2112
Caroline L. Monteil, Caroline Guilbaud, Catherine Glaux, François Lafolie, Samuel Soubeyrand and Cindy E. Morris (2012)
Emigration of the plant pathogen Pseudomonas syringae from leaf litter contributes to its population dynamics in alpine snowpack
Environmental Microbiology 14 (8),  p. 2099

Environmental Microbiology (2012) 14, 2127-2138
Raquel Martín-Hernández, Cristina Botías, Encarna Garrido Bailón, Amparo Martínez-Salvador, Lourdes Prieto, Aránzazu Meana and Mariano Higes (2012)
Microsporidia infecting Apis mellifera: coexistence or competition. Is Nosema ceranae replacing Nosema apis?
Environmental Microbiology 14 (8),  p. 2127

Environmental Microbiology (2012) 14, 2139-2150
Zheng-Liang Wang, Jiang-Dong Lu and Ming-Guang Feng (2012)
Primary roles of two dehydrogenases in the mannitol metabolism and multi-stress tolerance of entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana
Environmental Microbiology 14 (8),  p. 2139