Environmental Microbiology (2003)

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Articles of Environmental Microbiology entered for 2003:

Environmental Microbiology (2003) 5, 908-915
Chengshu Wang, Farooq A. Shah, Nita Patel, Zengzhi Li and Tariq M. Butt (2003)
Molecular investigation on strain genetic relatedness and population structure of Beauveria bassiana
Environmental Microbiology 5 (10),  p. 908

Environmental Microbiology (2003) 5, 997-1001
Robert Manasherob, Zachariah Ngalo Otieno-Ayayo, Eitan Ben-Dov, Rina Miaskovsky, Sammy Boussiba and Arieh Zaritsky (2003)
Enduring toxicity of transgenic Anabaena PCC 7120 expressing mosquito larvicidal genes from Bacillus thuringiensis ssp. israelensis
Environmental Microbiology 5 (10),  p. 997

Environmental Microbiology (2003) 5, 1016-1021
Stephen R. Giddens, Gary J. Houliston and H. Khris Mahanty (2003)
The influence of antibiotic production and pre-emptive colonization on the population dynamics of Pantoea agglomerans (Erwinia herbicola) Eh1087 and Erwinia amylovora in planta
Environmental Microbiology 5 (10),  p. 1016

Environmental Microbiology (2003) 5, 1203-1211
Ming-Guang Feng and Hui-Ping Li (2003)
Experimental epizootiology of Zoophthora anhuiensis (Entomophthorales) against Myzus persicae (Homoptera: Aphididae) with a description of a modified Gompertz model for aphid epizootics
Environmental Microbiology 5 (11),  p. 1203

Environmental Microbiology (2003) 5, 103-115
Fabio Mascher, Ursula Schnider-Keel, Dieter Haas, Geneviève Défago and Yvan Moënne-Loccoz (2003)
Persistence and cell culturability of biocontrol strain Pseudomonas fluorescens CHA0 under plough pan conditions in soil and influence of the anaerobic regulator gene anr
Environmental Microbiology 5 (2),  p. 103

Environmental Microbiology (2003) 5, 631-640
G.B. Jensen, B.M. Hansen, J. Eilenberg and J. Mahillon (2003)
The hidden lifestyles of Bacillus cereus and relatives
Environmental Microbiology 5 (8),  p. 631

Environmental Microbiology (2003) 5, 719-729
Tom Coenye and Peter Vandamme (2003)
Diversity and significance of Burkholderia species occupying diverse ecological niches
Environmental Microbiology 5 (9),  p. 719

Environmental Microbiology (2003) 6, 79-87
Duncan R. Simpson, Martha A. Thomsett and Paul Nicholson (2003)
Competitive interactions between Microdochium nivale var. majus, M. nivale var. nivale and Fusarium culmorum in planta and in vitro
Environmental Microbiology 6 (1),  p. 79