Diptera (plant parasitic)

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Vernacular names
• Deutsch: Zweiflügler (Pflanzenschädlinge)
Fliegen (Pflanzenschädlinge)
• English: flies (plant pests)
• Español: dípteros
• Français: diptère
  Families of plant parasitic Diptera  
Agromyzidae (18 species)
Anthomyiidae (6 species)
Cecidomyiidae (31 species)
Chironomidae (crop pest midges) (1 species)
Chloropidae (4 species)
Drosophilidae (5 species)
Ephydridae (4 species)
Muscidae (plant/product pests) (2 species)
Phoridae (plant parasitic) (1 species)
Sciaridae (4 species)
Tephritidae (87 species)
other Diptera families (12 species)
Hessian fly, Mayetiola destructor
Author: Scott Bauer
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Diptera (plant parasitic flies)

Diptera have only one pair of wings. The second pair is reduced to the "halters", small club-shaped appendages which vibrate during the flight and help to stabilize the body. Important groups of plant pests are, for example, included in the families of fruit flies (Tephritidae), leafminers (Agromyzidae) and gall midges (Cecidomyiidae).

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This group refers to plant pests only, for other groups of Diptera see:
medical/veterinary Diptera
Diptera (weed bioagents)