Chemoecology (2013)

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Articles of Chemoecology entered for 2013:

Chemoecology (2013) 23, 13-20
Anat Levi-Zada, Avraham Sadowsky, Svetlana Dobrinin, Maayan David, Tamir Ticuchinski, Daniela Fefer, Amnon Greenberg and Daniel Blumberg (2013)
Reevaluation of the sex pheromone of the lesser date moth, Batrachedra amydraula, using autosampling SPME-GC/MS and field bioassays
Chemoecology 23 (1),  p. 13

Chemoecology (2013) 23, 21-44
Lawrence M. Hanks and Jocelyn G. Millar (2013)
Field bioassays of cerambycid pheromones reveal widespread parsimony of pheromone structures, enhancement by host plant volatiles, and antagonism by components from heterospecifics
Chemoecology 23 (1),  p. 21

Chemoecology (2013) 23, 59-70
Raymond V. Barbehenn, Julie Niewiadomski, Cristina Pecci and Juha-Pekka Salminen (2013)
Physiological benefits of feeding in the spring by Lymantria dispar caterpillars on red oak and sugar maple leaves: nutrition versus oxidative stress
Chemoecology 23 (1),  p. 59

Chemoecology (2013) 23, 71-82
Vartika Mathur, Tom O.G. Tytgat, Rob M. de Graaf, Vinay Kalia, A. Sankara Reddy, Louise E.M. Vet and Nicole M. van Dam (2013)
Dealing with double trouble: consequences of single and double herbivory in Brassica juncea
Chemoecology 23 (2),  p. 71

Chemoecology (2013) 23, 83-92
Christina Alba, Ryan Prioreschi and Carolina Quintero (2013)
Population and leaf-level variation of iridoid glycosides in the invasive weed Verbascum thapsus L. (common mullein): implications for herbivory by generalist insects
Chemoecology 23 (2),  p. 83

Chemoecology (2013) 23, 93-101
Ashraf M. El-Sayed, Andrew R. Gibb, Vanessa J. Mitchell, Lee-Anne M. Manning, John Revell, Brian Thistleton and David M. Suckling (2013)
Identification of the sex pheromone of Conogethes pluto: a pest of Alpinia
Chemoecology 23 (2),  p. 93

Chemoecology (2013) 23, 103-111
Geetanjali Mishra, Neha Singh, Mohd. Shahid and Omkar (2013)
The effects of three sympatric ladybird species on oviposition by Menochilus sexmaculatus (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)
Chemoecology 23 (2),  p. 103

Chemoecology (2013) 23, 113-120
Nao Fujiwara-Tsujii, Hiroe Yasui and Sadao Wakamura (2013)
Population differences in male responses to chemical mating cues in the white-spotted longicorn beetle, Anoplophora malasiaca
Chemoecology 23 (2),  p. 113

Chemoecology (2013) 23, 129-136
Giovanni Benelli, Noemi Pacini, Barbara Conti and Angelo Canale (2013)
Following a scented beetle: larval faeces as a key olfactory cue in host location of Stegobium paniceum (Coleoptera: Anobiidae) by Lariophagus distinguendus (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae)
Chemoecology 23 (2),  p. 129

Chemoecology (2013) 23, 137-142
Brigitte Frérot, Roxane Delle-Vedove, Laurence Beaudoin-Ollivier, Pierre Zagatti, Paul Henri Ducrot, Claude Grison, Martine Hossaert and Eddy Petit (2013)
Fragrant legs in Paysandisia archon males (Lepidoptera, Castniidae)
Chemoecology 23 (3),  p. 137

Chemoecology (2013) 23, 155-164
Angelo Canale, Salvatore Giacinto Germinara, Adriano Carpita, Giovanni Benelli, Gabriella Bonsignori, Cesare Stefanini, Alfio Raspi and Giuseppe Rotundo (2013)
Behavioural and electrophysiological responses of the olive fruit fly, Bactrocera oleae (Rossi) (Diptera: Tephritidae), to male- and female-borne sex attractants
Chemoecology 23 (3),  p. 155

Chemoecology (2013) 23, 191-199
Giovanni Benelli and Angelo Canale (2013)
Do tephritid-induced fruit volatiles attract males of the fruit flies parasitoid Psyttalia concolor (Szépligeti) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)?
Chemoecology 23 (3),  p. 191

Chemoecology (2013) 23, 203-212
Florine L.G. Leuthardt, Gaetan Glauser and Bruno Baur (2013)
Composition of alkaloids in different box tree varieties and their uptake by the box tree moth Cydalima perspectalis
Chemoecology 23 (4),  p. 203

Chemoecology (2013) 23, 213-218
Laurence Berville, Olivier Blight, Marielle Renucci, Abraham Hefetz and Erick Provost (2013)
A peaceful zone bordering two Argentine ant (Linepithema humile) supercolonies
Chemoecology 23 (4),  p. 213

Chemoecology (2013) 23, 219-231
Raymond V. Barbehenn and Joseph Kochmanski (2013)
Searching for synergism: effects of combinations of phenolic compounds and other toxins on oxidative stress in Lymantria dispar caterpillars
Chemoecology 23 (4),  p. 219

Chemoecology (2013) 23, 241-250
Dariusz Piesik, Kevin J. Delaney, Anna Wenda-Piesik, Sebastian Sendel, Piotr Tabaka and Boguslaw Buszewski (2013)
Meligethes aeneus pollen-feeding suppresses, and oviposition induces, Brassica napus volatiles: beetle attraction/repellence to lilac aldehydes and veratrole
Chemoecology 23 (4),  p. 241

Chemoecology (2013) 23, 251-261
John A. Byers, Göran Birgersson and Wittko Francke (2013)
Aggregation pheromones of bark beetles, Pityogenes quadridens and P. bidentatus, colonizing Scotch pine: olfactory avoidance of interspecific mating and competition
Chemoecology 23 (4),  p. 251