Chemoecology (2012)

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Articles of Chemoecology entered for 2012:

Chemoecology (2012) 22, 1-11
Mary A. Jamieson and M. Deane Bowers (2012)
Soil nitrogen availability and herbivore attack influence the chemical defenses of an invasive plant (Linaria dalmatica; Plantaginaceae)
Chemoecology 22 (1),  p. 1

Chemoecology (2012) 22, 23-28
József Vuts, Till Tolasch, Lorenzo Furlan, Éva Bálintné Csonka, Tamás Felföldi, Károly Márialigeti, Teodora B. Toshova, Mitko Subchev, Amália Xavier and Miklós Tóth (2012)
Agriotes proximus and A. lineatus (Coleoptera: Elateridae): a comparative study on the pheromone composition and cytochrome c oxidase subunit I gene sequence
Chemoecology 22 (1),  p. 23

Chemoecology (2012) 22, 55-63
Keiichi Honda, Hiroshi Minematsu, Ken’ichiro Muta, Hisashi Ômura and Wataru Nishii (2012)
D-Pinitol as a key oviposition stimulant for sulfur butterfly, Colias erate: chemical basis for female acceptance of host- and non-host plants
Chemoecology 22 (1),  p. 55

Chemoecology (2012) 22, 101-111
Bettina Gutbrodt, Silvia Dorn, Sybille B. Unsicker and Karsten Mody (2012)
Species-specific responses of herbivores to within-plant and environmentally mediated between-plant variability in plant chemistry
Chemoecology 22 (2),  p. 101

Chemoecology (2012) 22, 119-129
Ene Leppik and Brigitte Frérot (2012)
Volatile organic compounds and host-plant specialization in European corn borer E and Z pheromone races
Chemoecology 22 (2),  p. 119

Chemoecology (2012) 22, 131-138
Guowei Zheng, Yanxia Jia, Xu Zhao, Fujuan Zhang, Shihong Luo, Shenghong Li and Weiqi Li (2012)
o-Coumaric acid from invasive Eupatorium adenophorum is a potent phytotoxin
Chemoecology 22 (2),  p. 131

Chemoecology (2012) 22, 207-215
Esther Ngumbi, Maggie Jordan and Henry Fadamiro (2012)
Comparison of associative learning of host-related plant volatiles in two parasitoids with different degrees of host specificity, Cotesia marginiventris and Microplitis croceipes
Chemoecology 22 (4),  p. 207

Chemoecology (2012) 22, 229-237
Xiao-Ling Sun, Guo-Chang Wang, Yu Gao and Zong-Mao Chen (2012)
Screening and field evaluation of synthetic volatile blends attractive to adults of the tea weevil, Myllocerinus aurolineatus
Chemoecology 22 (4),  p. 229

Chemoecology (2012) 22, 251-262
Tapio van Ooik, Markus J. Rantala, Juha-Pekka Salminen, Shiyong Yang and Seppo Neuvonen (2012)
The effects of simulated acid rain and heavy metal pollution on the mountain birch-autumnal moth interaction
Chemoecology 22 (4),  p. 251