Chemoecology (2007)

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Articles of Chemoecology entered for 2007:

Chemoecology (2007) 17, 13-18
Olivier Roux, Charles Gers, Josèphe Nathan Tene-Ghomsi, Laurence Arvanitakis, Dominique Bordat and Luc Legal (2007)
Chemical characterization of contact semiochemicals for host-recognition and host-acceptance by the specialist parasitoid Cotesia plutellae (Kurdjumov)
Chemoecology 17 (1),  p. 13

Chemoecology (2007) 17, 19-22
Marta L. del Campo, Sven T. Possner and Thomas Eisner (2007)
Corematal function in Utetheisa ornatrix (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae): Hydroxydanaidal is devoid of intrinsic defensive potency
Chemoecology 17 (1),  p. 19

Chemoecology (2007) 17, 37-45
Alexandra Magro, Joseph N. Téné, Nicolas Bastin, Anthony F.G. Dixon and Jean-Louis Hemptinne (2007)
Assessment of patch quality by ladybirds: relative response to conspecific and heterospecific larval tracks a consequence of habitat similarity?
Chemoecology 17 (1),  p. 37

Chemoecology (2007) 17, 51-56
Anne Lyytinen, Leena Lindström, Johanna Mappes, Julkunen-Tiitto. Riitta, Sergey R. Fasulati and Kari Tiilikkala (2007)
Variability in host plant chemistry: behavioural responses and life-history parameters of the Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata)
Chemoecology 17 (1),  p. 51

Chemoecology (2007) 17, 57-62
Volker Witte, Athula B. Attygalle and Jerrold Meinwald (2007)
Complex chemical communication in the crazy ant Paratrechina longicornis Latreille (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)
Chemoecology 17 (1),  p. 57

Chemoecology (2007) 17, 63-69
Volker Witte, Leif Abrell, Athula B. Attygalle, Xiaogang Wu and Jerrold Meinwald (2007)
Structure and function of Dufour gland pheromones from the crazy ant Paratrechina longicornis
Chemoecology 17 (1),  p. 63

Chemoecology (2007) 17, 71-80
Shiyong Yang, Sanna Haviola and Teija Ruuhola (2007)
Temporal and spatial variation in mountain birch foliar enzyme activities during the larval period of Epirrita autumnata
Chemoecology 17 (2),  p. 71

Chemoecology (2007) 17, 81-85
Suk-Ling Wee and Keng-Hong Tan (2007)
Temporal accumulation of phenylpropanoids in male fruit flies, Bactrocera dorsalis and B. carambolae (Diptera: Tephritidae) following methyl eugenol consumption
Chemoecology 17 (2),  p. 81

Chemoecology (2007) 17, 97-101
Tara E. Sackett, G.H. Neil Towers and Murray B. Isman (2007)
Effects of furoquinoline alkaloids on the growth and feeding of two polyphagous lepidopterans
Chemoecology 17 (2),  p. 97

Chemoecology (2007) 17, 177-186
Barbara Randlkofer, Elisabeth Obermaier and Torsten Meiners (2007)
Mother's choice of the oviposition site: balancing risk of egg parasitism and need of food supply for the progeny with an infochemical shelter?
Chemoecology 17 (3),  p. 177

Chemoecology (2007) 17, 201-207
Martin Jönsson and Peter Anderson (2007)
Emission of oilseed rape volatiles after pollen beetle infestation; behavioural and electrophysiological responses in the parasitoid Phradis morionellus
Chemoecology 17 (4),  p. 201

Chemoecology (2007) 17, 209-221
William P. Shepherd, Dezene P.W. Huber, Steven J. Seybold and Christopher J. Fettig (2007)
Antennal responses of the western pine beetle, Dendroctonus brevicomis (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), to stem volatiles of its primary host, Pinus ponderosa , and nine sympatric nonhost angiosperms and conifers
Chemoecology 17 (4),  p. 209

Chemoecology (2007) 17, 223-229
Maud C.O. Ferrari, François Messier and Douglas P. Chivers (2007)
Variable predation risk and the dynamic nature of mosquito antipredator responses to chemical alarm cues
Chemoecology 17 (4),  p. 223

Chemoecology (2007) 17, 235-243
Luke P. Rapley, Geoff R. Allen, Brad M. Potts and Noel W. Davies (2007)
Constitutive or induced defences - how does Eucalyptus globulus defend itself from larval feeding?
Chemoecology 17 (4),  p. 235

Chemoecology (2007) 17, 245-253
Susanne Heiska, Olli-Pekka Tikkanen, Matti Rousi and Riitta Julkunen-Tiitto (2007)
Bark salicylates and condensed tannins reduce vole browsing amongst cultivated dark-leaved willows (Salix myrsinifolia)
Chemoecology 17 (4),  p. 245

Chemoecology (2007) 17, 255-262
Michael J. Domingue and Stephen A. Teale (2007)
The genetic architecture of pheromone production between populations distant from the hybrid zone of the pine engraver, Ips pini
Chemoecology 17 (4),  p. 255