Canadian Journal of Zoology (2009) 87, 689-698

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M. Okassa, M.-S. Tixier, B. Cheval and S. Kreiter (2009)
Molecular and morphological evidence for a new species status within the genus Euseius (Acari: Phytoseiidae)
Canadian Journal of Zoology 87 (8), 689-698
Abstract: The identity of specimens belonging to the genus Euseius Wainstein, 1962 found on several trees in France is investigated. These specimens are morphologically close to Euseius stipulatus (Athias-Henriot, 1960) except for the shape of the spermatheca and the dorsal shield reticulation. The aim of the present study was to determine if these specimens belong to this latter species and if the shape of the spermatheca could be considered a reliable diagnostic character. Thirty-four characters, including idiosomal seta lengths, were measured and molecular tests (12S rDNA, COI mtDNA) were carried out. Although small, significant differences between populations of Euseius sp. were observed. The morphometric differences between E. stipulatus and Euseius sp. were very small except for the seta z2 and for the length of the ventrianal shield, as well as the length and form of the spermatheca. Molecular analyses support that Euseius sp. and E. stipulatus are two different species. Euseius sp. has been described as a new species to science in another publication under the name Euseius gallicus. Reliability of some morphological characters for species diagnosis is discussed.
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