Canadian Journal of Plant Science (2017) 97, 755-766

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Z. Li, R. Van Acker, D. Robinson, N. Soltani and P. Sikkema (2017)
Managing weeds with herbicides in white bean in Canada: a review
Canadian Journal of Plant Science 97 (5), 755-766
Abstract: White bean is a high-value, important export field crop for farmers in Canada. Effective weed management in white bean is important as this crop is not competitive with weeds. Use of preplant incorporated, preemergence, and postemergence herbicides are effective means for weed control in white bean production in Canada. There are a range of herbicides registered for use on white bean in Canada, but in comparison with other high-acreage field crops such as corn and soybean, the options are relatively limited. This can pose challenges for white bean producers trying to use multiple herbicide modes of action to reduce the evolution of herbicide-resistant weeds and limits management options for troublesome weeds. In particular, management of perennial weeds in white bean with currently registered herbicides is difficult. There is a continued need to evaluate and register additional herbicide options for weed management in white bean in Canada.
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